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chapter 31

 Ram is facing a ambiguous conflict within, with a positive drive, his kids and priya by his side.  He stared at priya his lady love holding riya front and pihu crossed her arms around her neck with cady  and ryna on either side. Cady is a non stop chatter box he smiled  seeing her. Priya’s eyes searched here and there, halted on him leaning on the pillar- ram winked, she blushed, he gave a kiss in air seeing her, she composed herself to control the flush of the blood into her cheeks. She conveyed him “app bhi na” through her dove eyes,he smiled seeing her tension.  Pihu jumped in his arms. She checked riya slept in her mom’s warm embarrass. Ram reminded her of the resignation. She noded yes and headed towards cady’s room.

Dayijaan, the elderly lady  showered motherly affection, expressed her share of happiness for priya. She does have  lot of unanswered and undefined questions,other side priya has lot to ask n a request too.   Silence broken between with a much formal conversation to a serious tone. Priya  gave her resignation to dayijaan as rajath will not say no to her. Dayijaan nodded, she asked her y have she not gave a cue of her ram’s wife. Dayijaan often shared her concern about ram  who is our relative  who’s wife absconded him. Priya politely  replied  “I dint know it was my ram, when you talked of him and his wife more over every time I heard u ,  I used to feel ashamed of me to leave ram. I love him more than my life so I have to leave him for these two”tears rolled down her eyes.   Priya asked how come ram is rajath’s  cousin but rajath nor u never know am his wife.

Dayijaan heaved a sigh,  Rajath and ram were cousin’s we settled  here. Though I don’t know ur face I heard a lot abt u  from ur saas.  Rajath was not feeling well during ur wedding he is hospitalized, met with an accident. Dayijan spoke  hmm he is not able to consume the old incident. Jyoti is the only one rajath loved she married some one else,    OH ! am sorry dayijaan,  rajath  keeps himself so updated but I was thinking by that tendency  might have  ruled him to know about me,priya said. Priya rajath  bura insaan nahi hai but  Every time he faced failure. I wished u be my bahu, ur my  bahu only but ram ki biwi rajath ki nahi.  Dayijaan …u asked me many times but the reason is I cannot , I love ram truly  its that life gave us this twist n turns. We r separate  for each others good  for him for my  babies I walked off – which was the most witty step I took , I have been a dice in the players hand- priya cried..  what happened priya!.....priya cried holding her face in her palms while the old lady caressed her hairs to console her.

Dayi jaan  “ ….. cady shouted… uff these two na if pihu n  ryna   joins , u be with riya I will see……. Dayijaan left..  nodding her head  priya turned to riya kissed her head.. thinking of the lady’s question.. what happened, perfect lives slowly  shattered.   She recalled the most precious day, the promise the vow’s  the promise they made the biggest surprise of her life..she walked to the window  thinking of the day ram gave her the surprise indeed ….

All about saying  WE DO. a promise of life

She collapsed in couch seeing the card, yes he gave her the invitation,she felt a wretch in her heart.  He is watching her from a corner. She blamed her fate for what happened.  May  be hearing the disparaged state of her he might have started disliking her. she consoled her self  saying it ok u love him  no matter if he loves u back or not , u love him and will always be his.  The thought it self brought smile on her lips.  Ram who is seeing  all this  silently felt bad  as she cried.. he  wanted to  go to her hug her n say i love u more but na he can’t go to her. he went to her with  few shopping bags.. he showed her his suit- it was perfect it will suit u  am sure u will look damn handsome n hot she poured genuine feeling and said sorry. He smiled
I will  be looking irresistible na.. ram asked.
“hmm, yeah”

“ i know i want to look best, my would be wife  will love this who know she might kiss me the moment. Anyways i want to make her feel she married the best one” he was eager to see her reaction

Awww,  yes she will  dont worry ,  ram  please excuse” she was not able to control her tears..
He hugged her the very moment  he cannot withstand to  hurt her more n more. She clutched his shirt, he sensed the dampness on the shirt.yes her tears soaked into his shirt. She broke the hug, wiped her tears gave him a faint smile. He pointed out where preparations were going on. He  gave her a gift,  this is the dress for u. Joe is my best man n   ur my wife’s  brides’ maid he requested her, being  heavy  heart  she nodded thinking anything for u. The dress,  she is surprised seeing wedding frock she liked she is confused before she guess something he shattered her “my darling’s dress is much pretty  this is simple”. he gave her all those things  she needed to carry herself in the dress [ her look is as simple as this pic ..]

 Nisha  came to assist  priya , vikram and neha arrived.  Vikram n  neha smiled seeing priya.  neha  decorated priya. priya’s mind lingered on those words his bride there is someone else ram loves. Neha complimented – wah priya u look like a bride so pretty .. just  a veil is missing. priya looked herself in mirror  yes she looked so beautiful  but her smile is missing..   vikram asked priya to hold a beautiful boquet to hand over to ram’s wife. She took it... soon she came out of the  cottage she saw ram waiting for the women  as a groom yes he is damn handsome. Vikram caught priya’s hand and lead her  few steps forwards while BG  played  the tune of HERE COMES THE BRIDE. 

Neha kept the veil to her hair. Ram ‘s is damn happy for his wedding, he could not here anything else nothing else is in his vision except her.  his mind hummed  “u look so beautiful in white” song.. [ listen this song , perfect lyrics a girl will dream to hear from her man ]

She approached near alter,where he was waiting with the Pastor. She looked around saw the setup a beautiful  wedding setup , a  cool evening breeze from sea, the very place she and ram  was one, she could see the burnt ash. She looked at all those smiling hearts, guests.  She looked at him he smiled.   She heard  the  ordained  asking who is  giving the bride to the groom.  She  shocked when vikram said.. “ I  priya’s brother”  she looked at vikram , neha assured her vikram noded his head. Yes , she confirmed  that it  was her, the bride and ram is marrying her beyond his families wish.  Surprise, her best surprise in life..she felt elated  and consumed. He is the only one in her life she praised her god for him. priya though –nani is right, mera prince, my ram  is the man  who is the white knight who will  protect her from every possible  danger. She smiled and bowed her blushing profusely.

“Who presents this women and this man to be married to each other” priest  voice echoed in her ears.
“  I her  brother DO” vikram politely gave her hand in ram’s. 

While she left in be wilderness-is this true or a fairy tale. Prince will come search her bride and  get marry !  Ram took her hand in his, marched to the alter,  followed by the minister.    

She saw a table and 3 candles.. one bigger on in middle and two small ones on either sides-ram  and priya to   lit adjacent  candles on either side and lite the center candle in unison as a gesture of their acceptance to this wedding.  Her hand is shivering. He saw it. hold her hand and said. Priya with all my heart i want  to be ur man , i love u  alot...   yes u were my beautiful bride i am talking of.. she smiled  and blushed they did according to the reverends remarks.

NOW the main part.. they both  stood face to face.. priya shyed, sudden surprise no shock,  ram !  her wedding! She gathered courage and looked into his eyes with moist eyes, he replied with a smile and a happiness in his eyes, something taunted her, his words  abt dadi, KK said. He understood her worry   he uttered I will manage she smiled whispered thanku. Minister  asked for any objections  among the croud? Priya’s mind lingered to 2 images  her mom and sister she came to present when ram squeezed her hand gently.

“do u Ram kapoor willingly accept this woman to be your legally married wife?. Do u  agree to support, love and care for her in good times and bad, in health and sickness, and in poverty or wealth until you are parted by death? If so please say I do” minister asked ram!
Ram looked straight in to her eyes said “I DO” it resonated  in her ears as melody she is desperate to hear,

“do u Priya willingly accept this man to be your legally married Husband ?. Do u  agree to support, love and care for her in good times and bad, in health and sickness, and in poverty or wealthuntill you are parted by death? If so please say I do” ........... minister asked Priya!
 With the same intensity  Priya said “I DO”..  ram smiled at her.

MIN; i beleive that u both have  rings to give ur spouse as a token of ur commitment and love?
 Vik neha gave rings to them.

Ram AND priya repeated what minister said while they place the ring on each others ring finger.
The main part... SEAL the relation with a kiss.. ram is eager  when the priest said “U MAY KISS THE BRIDE”  he is initially exited, she smirked-why wont he!  Everyone is watching holding their breath.
VIK: baby look at ram he is so exited  will he  really kiss her in front of us.
Neha:  duffer, think u r watching a movie if u hesitate,  its common now they are wife n husband.. dont kiss me  if ur embarrassed.
V: what .. how does it relate to me and u.. mein tho ram..
Neha: shut up, u never care for me.. see ur shouting at ur pregnant wife.
Nisha:  easy guys, its fine vikram... i was thinking ram is upto something else..
Vik : exactly nisha..

Ram took gentle steps towards her she  shyed,  he took out the thread of black beads, placed it around her neck. she looked at him. she felt his breath on her face. She closed her eyes. He pecked her lips simultaneously hooked mangalsutr.  She felt delighted, Utmost happy. Now she has an identity   as his wife.  In midst of nature, while the five sacred elements of Hindu mythology  witnessed the social wedding, they promised to each other.

I now present  to u for the first time Mr. &Mrs.  Ram kapoor.. every one clapped.  Minister asked ram and priya to sign in the marriage registration. They are wife n husband legally. ........

Friends toasted, a lovely evening dinner went on well, every one retired to their paces leaving the newly wed space.  Flood of question came to her when she saw him alone?  Right from the scheduled cottage on beach, a shrewd business man who certainly had no leave’s took a vacation is this Planned? Why dint he tell her. He is the obsolete destiny defined for her now they were one. 

He hugged her from behind, she shrugged him off... Ram I need to know lot of things before we start new life.. care to ans?

In deed we have to know many things !  she came to out of the trance to normalcy,  feebly said haa! R u ok he asked.! He took the same black beads from his pocket and decorated her  neck. it is like drizzling on parched land. She had tears in her eyes. It was with me always. She looked at his eyes filled with tears, pain of the separation is evident with reciprocated in her eyes. She circled her arms around his neck brought his face closer kissed his forehead wiped his tears with kiss he pulled her close to him his breath fanned on her skin, she closed the gap between their lips. It was peaceful,no one else but they were alone while kids slept in peace. They  were in some other place , celestial place full of love and passion, passion ruled over their senses consuming each other exploring each other it became wild as a tiff between prey and predator,difficult to find who is prey and predator.


They came out of the love land being careful parent she looked at kids, nothing in this room.  Priya stared out of the window, ram caught her view. RAJATH! .. she clasped his shirt in fear.  Frightened at what they saw, rajath! She never know a him as this, ram stood perplexed! Rajath?  Was this the reaction  seeing them? Something else bothers rajath? He came to the window crushing a glass in his hand. He smiled seeing the couple? Waved his wounded hand faking his pain.

“HE din’t see us! Dont worry, am sure he is in big mess, i will take care. Be with kids haa,” ram rushed out.

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A New morning, a new warmness around her a feeling of security she stirred in bed, being difficult for her to twist, she was wrapped in his arms sleeping peacefully. She turned to gently brush  her lips to his cheek- he caught her move who is much in his senses, his lips found the pair, turning her down he caged her between him n bed, she cherished the moment their lips mated with  equal fervor closed her eyes she consumed the moment.  his hands is in their own way  exposing her to his view. He kissed her neck, grabbed her waist in his hands gently pressed making her moan, she pushed him  adjusted her attire being aware of the approaching kids shouting. He hugged her  again ...

R:  what ! now,

P; ram .. please.. u r now  a father remember.
R; first let me be a husband btw my kids are in their room  it s too early to wake them up..
KNOCK ... KNOCK... PAPA, Mumma...
She smiled .. showing him the time..  better luck next time  romeo,
R;Yaar , they have no school today why cant they sleep a little long.
P;Usually they do but they were so exited abt their papa,, see they only need papa mumma comes later..
R: Haan .[proudly] my kids..  but yaar priya..  in all this  its poor me!
P: HAAN... what  ... !!!
 R: Yes its me... i dont even had a proper morning chores, it remained in complete. Will do a thing , make them sleep and  will continue
AWW!!! Incomplete!  U mean it.. ur incorrigible  ram, what u r doing is not called as morning chores. Dont know what else u would have done to me..
 Arrey  priya ..  been so long, u forgot .. i will  make u remember, u dont know . its my duty to  teach u..
RAM... enough .. i know what u mean .. go  open the door i will just come.. engage them till i  come.. today! yes .. Type a resignation  letter for me.. later. I hope u remember what we have to do today...
Yes . mam ... !..

GOOD MORNING MUMMA , GOOD MORNING PAPA... both jumped over ram, priya went inside thinking sure he will try his best to make them sleep.  She gave laptop to him and took kids along with her. ram typed a letter and got  prints of it but he is not 100% liking it. he talked to her ,  try to convince her not to but she has decided.. it is a test to see the change in rajath.  She is feeding riya n pihu running after them  he caught hold of these two little devils she feed him along with them  he did the same  that was a beautiful  family breakfast he wish  for always. Yes  it was his wish since the time he saw vikram feeding neha when she is pregnant apparently he was a man in love not a husband then. He blushed thinking of the most spl day of his life.

flash back...


Neha: Vikram please yaar its enough  now , two toast two omlets, two glasses of juice, steamed veggies what's wrong with u ... this is a feast kya.. plz stop it .. i cant eat anymore.. no spice nothing yuck..
Vikram : SHUT UP  am not feeding for u   but for my  baby ok .. chup chat  eat well..
Priya: Yele  ...  neha leave all this eat this..  am sure u will like it.. i made it..spl permission leke ... bread burji. Taste it u will feel good. Vikram  let her eat what she likes, u have to take care of her mood swings... ram dont laugh u have to tell him. Priya said..
RAM:Haan ,, ur right... vikram ur wrong..
Vikram: u first get married  then will see how   will u let eat junk food, u r very cautious now it slef and when priya is pregnant then ..will see..
Priya and ram looked at each other, remembering the time they have been together,  for them they were a couple a married couple who literally are not married. Ram had a doubt.. opps will priya, wil she be , there is an awkward silence between them. priya excused herself and he followed her.
R: priya,  ahh... i want to ask...  hesitating- woh vikram.. i mean  we  both ...that night, pregnancy...
P; dont worry, nothing of such is going to happen..
R; but we did..
P;ram stop embarrassing me! I got my period later.. ok...
R:  thank god..  that just happened and we r not yet married relaxed now..
P: hmm willl not have any problem.. marry me!
R:  priya, am the elder son in my house so as u.know. our parents will have some wishes regarding our marriage so i want to give that happines to maa and dadi. Dadi is waiting for my wedding since long time.
P: i can understand but i cant come to India as am now! I dont have anyone except u. I came from home as an orphan.. and what is there to hide from u ..  i cant come to INDIA..
R: just tell me priya what is bothering u. ...y cant we go to India..

P; ram i have no intentions to hide it with u, in fact u are the only one who can understand. its truth of life y am i here today. y i was reluctant to go back.  who is there  for me to return. i came here as priya. i decided the same day  i stepped out of my house ...[ alone tear  rolled down her eye...] i came out as priya, not as priya sharma every one  stared at me as i walk out till my  body vanished off their view...  that day .. first time  i spoke to maa.

Shipra: priya... Why are u spoiling ayesha's n karthik's future.  I cant see my  daughter unhappy.

P: mein.. Kaun hu maa!
S: u r not my daughter... I never wanted u.. u are bad luck to me. I lost my life because of u.. kaash that day u were not in my womb.
P; tha's my fault ma!
S; yes it was a biggest break to me. I fainted on the set. Doctor confirmed I am pregnant, I lost  the chance to be the face of a brand..its u  ur the reason.
P:that's y u hate me?
S: u r a badluck to me as well as my kids. Ayesha loves ram...that ram is mad he found u beautiful.  If u quite ram will marry ayesha for nuts  karthik will also be settled.  If u want to see my family happy  just back off.
P; maa, ram loves me. What if he is not a tycoon .. ayesha would never look at him.then
S: then ram should have been ur but ayesha likes him .. this is the last thing u give to me..
P:  I should not have born ever. I will not come infront of u  again. I am leaving for ever. I always want u be happy.
S; thank god,I wil be happy now. U will leave from my home.i will manage ur dad, i can settle my kids..  promise me u will never turn back and see ur self as priyasharma..  go away like an orphan.. never come back
P; orphan am no less than one. U should have aborted me ma.. kuch ulta seeda kaliya last question, have u fed me atleast once- shipra looked away] ok mein samaj gayi maa...

She turned to ram in tears,  he cupped her face took her in his arms and patted her back to console.she clutched his shirt tight continued to say- then I packed my things papa tried to stop me, but because of the promise he gave to maa he could not say a word. Pata hai ram maa should have done my shard too. One last time I turned around and said, "papa, thanku so much,shipra ji u hate me for the thing which am not responsible, am going am not coming into ur  daughter's life I always pray for u and ur familiy. Ram do not know where am I going. If ram is ok to marry ayesha he will.. can u bless me once before I leave?'" I bent to touch her feet first time ever in my life she kept her hand on my head saying don't return to us as priya sharma. U are dead for me. Am an orphan,literally if we go to india I will not be able to marry u,I cant come to india . don't force me am happy if u don't marry me! All I know is I LOVE U for me u r my man.  She walked away  from him wiping her eyes leaving him behind in tears.

They gathered for lunch, joe and nisha were not there, only ram priya, vikram neha. Ram is enjoying vikram's torture.neha is vexed of vikram's care.

N: ram please tell ur friend.. galti is my mom's who asked him to take care of me. mom word made priya emotional he caught her hand moved close to her.she felt consoled.
R: what is there in that neha he is being extra careful..
VI: thanku  ram first time u r supporting me.
N:priya yaar u tell can I eat for two, he is feeding me double than what I can eat.
P: neha he is so sweet and u r complaining..btw  I do not have experience so don't ask me..
V: haha, thanku sister..
Soon then waiter served their order.  Ram served double than what vikram can eat.
V: oy , what is this..
R; u look so weak , taking care of neha u r neglecting ur health..  common now u have to eat..
V; I cant  that too this much...
P: arrey when neha  apparently can y cant u ?. U also have to be fit and fine to look after her y neha?
N: exactly .. love u both..
R: BTW  credit is madam's not mine..
V: stop it.. am not having it that too  ghasphoos .. ewww!
R: oh..  ab samjh mein aya..  neha ki problem.
V: ram u don't know lot of mood swings will be there, to avoide this  am keeping her full.
N; what!
V: haan ,, aur  ram u will know that  when priya becomes pregnant.
R; am not like u   and priya only prefers ghas phoos so I wont have problem.. I will love to feed her what ever she ask for..
P: really ..
R; haan .. let me be a father ..
N: helooo romeo ,,, first marry her then be a father.
R: nahi neha marriage is  not necessary to be ...oops.. [priya blushed and stamped his feet.] ouch ...
N; kya hua..
R: nothing...  haan u 3.. am inviting u to my wedding,
V: wedding,u r inviting priya too.
N: ram are u mad ..u both love each other I thought u will marry priya..n u inviting her..  u r so mean ram
P; u r inviting me to ur wedding!. Are u joking ram.
R: no y will I joke .. u r invited to MY wedding..
P: oh ...
R: what happened to u ...
P: good luck. She was about to leave ram caught her hand.
R: where are u going. ...

She did not speak, he asked her again , u should know who is my bride?  She nodded no. feeling shattered she said am not interested..he pulled her back.. she took her hand back ..... enough ram kapoor,marry who ever u want am a fool to trust u ,  am an idiot who blindly trusted u and.. offered u me.. have a great life ahead.

N; what ... priya  u mean it... u and ram.. omg ram r u mad why have u done this to her and now u r talking abt ur marriage to her disgusting,. Neha is anxious vikram took her away while neha was shouting curses to ram he remained smiling.   Priya wiped her tears. Congrats ram... She walked off..
Priya.. invitation... tum jao  I will send to the invitation card..  am sure my beautiful bride will look angelic today...


He came out the thoughts, priya gathered courage.. she walked to wards dayijaan. Rajth came there, she gave the envelop to him . he saw it he was expecting it. Rajath firmly asked are u shifting to india.  Ram intruded,  saying no. He want to find a big house for them as in status of RK they will stay there till his business in malls stabilizes. Rajath gave a meek smile. Genuinely ram asked rajath's help to find a best Realtor,on dayijaan urges  ram accepted to rajath;'s place. Rajth is helpless he felt happy to have priya in front of his eyes ram is happy that his plan  worked. Next step is awaiting for rajath.  Ram asked dayijan is there any extra room  for his guest for whom he wanted to shift. Ram requested her to  accommodate them and he is fine in priya's flat.  Ram's guest who the hell r they  rajath suspected.he felt sad the same time coz of the delay of priya to shift to his house.

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Chapter 29

 Sky is still, no zephyr in the desert land even and two loving hearts aimless stare in to the abyss. Silence conquered. She turned to him asked, what  next. It pricked his heart, what kind of question was it! what it means.  He asked her what do u  mean!. She opened her lips to speak which were quivering  he understood something is going to be hard again. She said sorry for keeping the kids away from him, but after some time she tough of telling them who their papa is  she is glad he found her. what constantly bother her is he knows rajath and she is close to him y dint rajath said ram abt priya and  why dint he come to her early. Priya  how do u know rajath,he asked though irrelevant but it made a sync to the unsolved puzzles of their life.

She pay no heed to ans him.  look Mr.kapoor an unusual address,  Damn... am  ur ram priya he wanted to yell. She said,u have a family,  u will go but wat abt my kids, they cannot take it if their papa goes off leaving them, how long this drama continues?, it is better if u leave  before they are close. His anger expelled out and he hit his hand to the wall and the  nail pierced his skin, leaving a stream of blood down the  wall. She felt bad,devastated seeing him hurt.. He said damn u women what do u mean, ur my family am living for u alone,  with a hope am going to find u out now i dont want to ask y u left me. Coz i trust u more, i will not leave u, where ever u want to live, here in dubai, in Bombay any where in the world : i wanna live with u  alone. U r  my life and my kids. She Shouted... . ENOUGH,,,, it is not anger but her agony, i know u have a family , wife kid  and parent s  every one, but am not like u i am shattered when my love cheated me,  y am i saying that to u. Forget it..

my kids are used to lead a life without papa, but ur kid cannot don't waste ur time for me. She walked in. I ADOPTED HIM , I HAD TO, I WAS ALIVE BECAUSE OF THE BABY, he shouted. She stopped turn around to see him, she stormed - Am not deaf not to hear  pride announcements of ur son.  Priya listen i wanna live with u , with u, riya, pihu. They r my babies, He is angry.  dont u dare to call him my son it is ur illegitimate child. I allowed u to meet kids not mean i forgive u.  Till now our love blurred my mind, she said in anger. I want to shift my company here for u priya. Do what ever u want but never compare or dont make me the mother of ur son .  He could not tolerate, he hold her hand. Why dont u smell it damn it, y  dont u understand i love u, many r involved in this priya, i damn cannot leave u again. I am worried i saw him again here, with rajath- he left  her  hand  she is shocked.

Silence prevailed for a while she composed herself after hearing ram, did he! No you lying , Ram  now u  r  blaming rajath, he helped me a lot? Do  u  know what the hell u are thinking.  Damn it priya y will i lie? I saw him  am sure it was him. and i dont understand y rajath is with him.   rajath is not willing to sell his mall but after he met that person he is ok selling it, to my surprise he accepted  all my demands and even at little lesser price.  No ram he is the only one helped me a lot here. In fact to come here. He has done because of jyothi my childhood pal. He is my brother damn it, he is my cousin brother and i trained him under me on my uncles wish, am sure he is not like him but i have seen him today. he shouted unable to understand the puzzel,but he dont know ur wife! He introduced ayesha as ur wife she meekly asked him. she her quivering he pulled her to hug,

Patting her head, "priya , i dont knw , i trained him for an year before i met u, he hasnt seen u but am sure there are many possibilities he can find out u r Mrs. Kapoor.he is not one among those who blindly trust a person and help u, he wont am sure abt it.there is lot of ambiguity here, I sensed some change in his behavior, especially when u r  with me. He envy me now. Priya broke the hug- yes i did noticed, his changed behavior after u came home. Ram he was my friend , daijaan helped me a lot, he even took care of my babies, he is my well wisher he is just a friend till now and now my dewar but ...i cannot imagine anything else . i love only  one man and that is..she hugged him tight weeping loud. she cant withhold her emotion any longer. She said  RAM i LOVE U SO MUCH, y did u take this long to reach us. Y is ayesha ur wife, am alive damn it. Did u think am dead y dint u stop me the day i was leaving. I waited for u to meet me in the airport but u never turned up.. I felt like u deceived me for ayesha. ...  Now please dont leave me alone  ram more than kids i need u ..

Priya all that u saw in media is fake it is morphed when am not in  my senses. I married only one women, married only u , i love u lot,  when i heard such hatret filled words i feel like dying in fact i should have died that day it self.

That day! What do u mean? A  Worried curious lover in her inquired. her mind is diverted  to  be a attentive mom hearing her baby calling  " mumma..." before she reach ram went and took baby to her arms and calmed her  from ber night mare.  She stood up perplexed seeing the quick transformation in him. i missed this all these days, felt guilty to herself. She closed her eyes ,tears rolled down  from her kholed eyes like a stream ,she thought - how i wish we r the same ram n priya when we married, when nothing bothered us, and those smiles, times of togetherness...i wish to live them back..with u ram.. thinking of those days which faded years back.

Past sweet memories ...

Priya is busy with ben listening to him on how to propose jackie. Priya asked him to know her first rather than to end up hurted.  Here priya saw ram an jackie on the beach. Surprisingly she did not feel jealous  Ram is just telling jackie to  stop  trying for his attention as he will never change. She said  she envy priya for which ram laughed ,yes she is a kind of women all other get jealous of her. she is spl,but love is different not related to beauty, a matter of heart, how it links up with other person, the admiration, Most important love is not anything related to physical pleasure Iwill love priya till i leave my last breath without touching her, i want her happiness not more ...he concluded his talk saying try to  find her true love and soul mate to understand what is love to feel love to be loved is a great feeling which cant be expressed in words.. he excused himself as krishna  called him.  he came to priya, talking to his mom. She silently walked along with him in his foot steps holding his hand, resting her head on him, hearing their conversation- one sided one.  He saw her and smiled, she is  seemed so innocent like a child. He chanted a silent prayer that keep her happy always, and a oat  he will bring all the happiness to her life, he will do anything to preserve her smile.

The dinner is finished, priya is feeling shy when they both alone walked to the cottage. He smiled and said good night she nodded. He came out from his room kissed her cheek, hugged her n wish good night. It was difficult for him to sleep alone.. He cannot do things which she do not like.  He  took out his card holder, took out few cards and  made few calls. Soon restless priya got a call  from nisha , asking her to come soon. Priya n ram left. Nisha said priya it was her wedding the next day so she has to be her brides maid. As she cant ask neha ask she is pregnant. Ram is the best man of joe. In a speck of a second she agreed.  Ram convinced priya. Ben approached jackie who is upset cause of ram. No she was in deep thoughts, how could two love so deep. she never trusted in love because of her parents, she always thought  two people come together for physical n more hormonal desires, love do not exist. Ram n priya kicked her to dilemma  DOES TRUE LOVE EXIST?
"may i join" ben asked her.

She nodded with a  smile,  ben joined her. she is lost in her own world sipping the delious red wine with chocolate, ben is admiring her. he asked her- how could one love so much?i wish i experience it happens to me too.. She came out of her thoughts soon she heard her thoughts from his mouth.. Sorry ben i just...what did u say? She offered him chocolate and wine. He wanted to make the moment lite,- would u mind if we order something to eat along with this red hot sexy wine with a beautiful women, uhhh.. rosted turkey.what say... plz plz my stomach is growling. He pouted. A wide grin came on her face, did she heard it, she dated lot of men  but no one called her beautiful, but hot, sexy,  are the words always. she felt strange when heard beautiful. She nodded yes. They had their dinner, jackie heard all his stupid talks patiently,the conversation has no point no end. She laughed till her cheek muscles fatiged. She was the one who is reluctant to hear his pranks n stupid jokes earlier. She composed herself what was wrong with me i and ben had a  dinner date. OMG. Unbeleivable. She excused herself and walked past the shore. He gave her space. He silently marched after her. she turned n asked
WHAT...y r u following me..

Ms. Jackline ! [that was very humble sound she heard, and respectable too.what is this boy upto, his eyes speak volumes, what has happened to me i am trying to read his eyes n bothered abt his heart.she thinks] he continued,took her palms in his, I mean it u r a beautiful women, I want to confess a thing to u to day, what ever i say is truth, the day i came to ram bhai, u captured my eye not just because u are hot,but i  saw u helping Mrs. Steven in her work, i observed u for many days, u were around ram bhai, later i found u angry to accept he loves priya, n i know u dont love ram fact u never loved anyone. I showed some intrest towards priya to get close to u and suspecting bhai's nature towards her... the time i spend with u plotting  for priya showed the kid like attitude in u which u ceased some where. There is a sensitive girl in u still alive who is  criying now, as this nobody found the lost sweetest  girl in u. She  wiped her eyes. I dont want to know what happened in ur life  but LOVE is true. It happens once, and yes soul mate concept is not a fantasy,it is found only when love becomes commitment for a life, only when u trust in love. i found one, R u not happy for me!  She smiled n congratulated him.  her name starts with  J ..she is the most beautiful women in heart n in appearance i will be the luckiest guy if she accept me!. She aked him  who is the lucky one... he went on his knees,  and said  "ms jackline, will u be the love of my life. Will u marry me". Tears rolled down her  eyes, she heard people proposing I lOVE U  but never  like this. She felt special . she colapsed on her knees, cried out, and nodded yes. This is a real commitment  she made to herself she thanked god for the wonderful moment in her life. She dint love him but his proposal is  genuine made her go on her knees to accept him.

Such a beautiful proposal, priya said. Ram paid no attention but was thinking on something else. She gave a stern look at him.. Ur  impossible  ram kapoor, she went to ben n jackie angrliy. He followed her.  she appreciated ben and congratulated jackie, she blushed. Jackie said sorry n thaks to ram n priya.  Priya is angry on him, - oh  dear,leave all that, am so happy for u, ben is a sweet heart unlike some one who do not care at all. Hearing this  ram reacted. Oh hello what do u mean.  I mean what i said, learn something from ben see how sweetly he proposed and u leave it,  romance is not ur cup of tea.. they started argument, I proposed u first n it took a long time for u to accept it.  ram said. Offcourse , but u know that i love u from the beginig and now dont act smart and who is the one who ...

she stopped in middle when jackie interrupted. Oh what u saying priya, ram isn't romantic i witnessed u both  in his cabin that day. Oh that it was me who seduced him. How nice romance in office,ben interupted when both raya blushed.  Priya this is too much yaar u cannot say that,. ram sulked. Awww ram i only can because i know u Golu she left angrily. She is angry coz he did not give her a little attention she need, as she miss him, the frustration that she cannot be able to be in his arms that moment and  it is very difficult for her to control to stay away from him after the previous night.

Ram  is decked up with lot of work. Ben ,joe nisha even had lot of work to do. Neha n priya r left alone and vikram with them. She called him but he disconnected the call. Tears delved in her eyes. Here neha is restricted by vikram. She had carving for chocolate pudding at the late hour. Both the ladies are upset- neha found priya sitting in the couch hugging her knees.
What happened neha asked
No its nothing,
Feeling alone!
HMM! Woh ram... might be busy helping  Joe. Its ok.
Yeah,... felt ignored? Neha asked. Tears rolled down priya's eyes. Thinking ram no more  interested in her, may be it's her fault to offer him herself, but she needed that more than him. she is confused.
Y were u upset, vikram is around he must be waiting for u, n u awake till now u should sleep. Priya flooded her words
HOLD ON lady , now u dont start it. dont talk about vikram
Y what has he done now...
Nothing... neha started crying.. he dont love me at all...
Priya hugged her consoling her, soon vikram is at the door with half a dozen of chocolate puddings. Neha jumped in his arms. all her agony has gone in seconds.  Seeing them priya missed him more.  more than neha, priya is glupping the dark chocolate pudding. Neha saw it  and ordered vikram to bring ram here now n said he has to apologize her.
"Ram is here"...he  went and sat beside priya, almost taking her in his arms. she   moved aside. He did not recognize her anger,took a bite of the same pudding she is having. Neha started her speech . all men are same ... this is very bad ram blah blah... common now apologize her. priya stood up and left to her room silently  gave a glance at him with blood shot eyes. He dint understand what is wrong with her. he assured neha he will take care of her. she curled up in the duvet  covering her eyes, he changed and went to her side. She pretended to sleep. He kissed her on fore head-

"priya , i know u r not sleeping. Listen to me am sorry  dear, am not away from u, it is not like i ignored u   i could not do it. Listen to me! I love u .. so much  ... i have a surprise for u  tomorrow. I went to plan it." she looked to his eyes... turned to him.
"what".. ram wiped her tears, kissed her   eyes.
"surprise  darling... am sure u will like it. I cant see u like this it squeezes  my  heart. No more tears no more insecurities"
"not insecurity, i felt u ignored me!"
"no ... do u possibly think , after last night ... can I" he smiled naughtily coming closer to her.. she pushed him a little  blushing.
"i dont  know...but i carve ur attention"
"even I, tomorrow is an auspicious day, maa said . dadi was talking abt our marriage it seems. She want u as her daughter in law soon as possible. Maa is scolding me.will go to india n  marry soon i can't see  my self away from u.. it is so difficult priya"
" INDIA... no  ram .. please  i dont want to come,  will marry here n go there. If not will call all here.." he kept his finger on her lips ..
"dont panic, trust me. I will always be ur side..i will protect u  from every  trouble .. i will shield u from everything .I promise. U r my wife already in every sense since the day i kissed u ,i vowed to my soul,u r my wife"
She hugged ram tight. He took her in arms patted her back till she is consoled, n drifted to sleep,he covered her in duvet,went to couch to sleep.though they are one, he promised her till they marry they will not cross limit.  He slowly... slept seeing her in the moon light.. 

flash back to be continued...

She came back to senses with the sweet tone of her angel in her fathers arms.  asking if they r fighting. She took her in arms and asked ram to carry the other to their room made them lay down. Pacifying the cute one,making her understand that they were not fighting. The little angel slept after a while priya adjusted pillows around them n went to their room. Ram is lying  in the bed. Sadness is evident on his face. He is hurt coz of her.  she sat beside him, she broke the silence. I want to know where is shipra ji, he said we are manipulated then  she is along with ayesha. She heaved a sigh. Apeksha? She enquirer , Since the day u left me i lost my sister too, she treats me a culprit, i will carry the blame on me but cannot bear the pain of staying away from u any more.. he caught her hands n kissed,hide his face in her palms.

She felt his tears, she took him close to her  made him rest his head on her shoulder.  Priya.. do u still trust me! He asked her. the immediate ans was , YES i always do.  What ever i said is true.  Am not doubting rajath,  i will find out the truth.  I can do it if  u r with me. U r my biggest hope n strength  She made him lie down, i trust u  u r right rajath never  said any connection with  kapoors to me. Jyothi died in an accident.  Cady rina dayijaan helped me a lot ram.  rajath seems a puzzle i trust u fully. Am with u ... though she has many question in mind, she kept a pause to all for him  as he is in agony, she knows him he will clear all the mess.

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chapter 28

Marriage is all about responsibilities,  yes in deed she is right. Kids are the biggest part this. How beautiful  it would be if i can relive that day. Those days I spent alone. He thinks sitting between his pretty angels,coloring their book asking him his approval for the color they choose. Ram  is nodding his head. Two  eyes got wet seeing him  from a 20 foot steps away, praising god for the moment,He and her kids be happy. She never can be him, her tears rolled down her eyes thinking of the days how difficult it is to look after twins  with out partner.  

"papa papa ..."

He snapped out of  the train of thoughts, a worried new found dad isn't sure of what those cutepies are upto now. He looked at priya who is busy  preparing the help he got now  he looked at the 2 cutest smiling faces, they showed their drawing note to him. he smiled, pulling both close to him took both of them in his arms,kissed them  appreciating their paintings. Priya felt a stab in her heart for keeping kids away from him,both equally missed each other.  She continued her work, she turned around and found kids clinging to him  one in front other piggy backed.  He dropped them on the kitchen table. Priya nudged him asking -


"yeah... dont know how u  carried both in petite stomach" he tried to touch her waist, she flung his hand and went from there. Kids giggled seing their parents,they understood nothing  they giggled to their fathers smrink .  he went to her back caged her  between in strong arms. she continued cooking smiling.

"mumma, am hungry!" "me too..."  kids voice came out.

"  bacche hai... Mr.papa" she smiled.

"hmmm.. darling am hungry too... for u" [he whispered]

"let me feed them ... go make them sit properly on the table , ram please see ur foody daughter  will not  finish of the butter..haan.. please u dont join her." she  rushed her words and smiled.

Ram silently observed the way priya is controlling one and make other eat properly. He took her job as she has to finish cooking. He is feeding the kids in a right way, she thought he is the best  father. Both kids came to mom hugged her legs. She knelled down to them.taking  them in her arms.

" tummy full" she asked

"ha" they replied.

" mumma ! papa says that  am  like  him like punjaaban" riya said  proudly

"mumma,  mein aap jaisa hu na.papa dont like me at all" Pihu  asked her mom sadly. Ram stood still hearing this.

Priya hugged pihu tight, "no mera baccha u two are half like mumma and half like papa. Riya ki eating habitsare like papa,n ur like me my princess, papa loves u both so much."

"mumma, papa will go back to his mumma!" riya asked "haa mumma , tell papa not to leave us again" both kisds spoke their love towards their papa.

Priya had a lump in her throat. She could not answer it  she had tears in her eyes thinking of what made her  leave ram. "no baccha .. papa is now here with us .he loves  u a lot.  So as mumma more than mumma, Just like ur school papa has to go to office. Papa will always love pihu and riya. Just like pihu riya lives with mumma papa has to look after  his mother , aap ki dadi aur papa's dadi aap ki badi dadi" she has no left words to say them . actually she has to teach them lot till now its is they 3 now they have a big family,they r kapoor's after all.  Ram saw this, she is  gulping her words yes in deed they need to talk about this. He came near to them  tickling pihu just to lighten the moment.

who is that ... said papa dont love pihu.. who .." tickling  made  pihu giggle. He hugged her. took riya to his arms  he gave priya assurance.

" papa will always be with his little angels.."

Elated kids jumped clapping their hands "promise papa" "PROMISE" HE SAID kissing the on cheeks. He saw priya, she  blushed  thinking- he is not changed a bit, promises every time and for every small thing with a kiss.. raam bhi na.. she went and arranged the table  ram helped her.  kids were playing .   ram made them dress up for the dinner , priya went to get ready .. he went to the room saw her in a elegant white salwar kameez. He gave her the flowers he bought for her.  she took them,  he hugged her  said "u look so beautiful ... now"  she pushed him back.. "now! What do u mean..."  she pouted. "dont know" he  said. "what do u mean  u dont know.." she scowled. " i mean to say  my wife is prettiest  women  and my kids mom  look much more beautiful ." he smiled. She hugged him. she heard his heart beats,  close her eyes in tranquility  thinking of those days, when she found her man in a real sense.


 in the cottage.

She stirred in bed, feeling the soft mattress, her hand searched for him.he is lying on his stomach covered with duvet till his waist. She realized her state seeing him,  pulled duvet close to her body. Went near to him kissed him on his cheek.  He turned to her, kissed her forehead and pulled her close to him.she rested on his shoulder.  Let me sleep darling,am tired last night,u dint let me sleep "he said. She hit him in on his chest so mean ram. He hugged her  pulled her too closed to him.and slept.she remained admiring his child like face. After a while she slept in his arms. 

The door banged haard. It was  neha and vikram.  Both ram and priya woke up, felt shy realizing their nakedness, and the trouble. Ram said arrey yaar   these two!.. damn i asked them to come here for breakfast. Ram said. Oh god if they see us like this ! "priya worried. He assured her calmed her down  she took ram's oversized t shirt wearing it  she left the room , ram changed to  his trackpant and t shirt went opened the door.   Vikram and neha jumped in, neha called priya. Ram said she is in washroom ,may be! Neha said she will check her. priya just came out of the wash room blushing on her numerous love marks,  she stood selecting her dress. Neha came and gifted her a  designer sareewhich nuts sent to her bhabhi. Priya took it and wear it.  Neha asked priya is she fine! Priya looked pale and yawing . priya just told her she slept more so was little lazy.

OMG she beautiful- he thinks,  hayee ram looks  so handsome and that wet hairs  makes him much hot, kassh neha and  vikram disappear for a while. After the marvellous night both were eagerly wanting each other,but have to remain themself as they were  they were fighting to the world or else neha is immpossible.  They arrived  at the venue.   They  walked inside, it was  joe nisha's party, they wanna declare their wedding. Neha went to vikram, seeing this  ram walked to priya, his pretty wamp came in between asking for a dance. He was force to dance his eyes stuck on his lady, she saw his eagerness to talk to her for a while, she smiled seeing him. she heard- "bhabi.. ek dance"  ben asked. "bhabhi " she is suprised . She nodded and gave in to dance with  him.

"sorry bhabhi..."

"its ok after all ur my dewar" priya  danced with him, ram dint like it at all. He constantly seeking her attention but she is deeply engrossed in chit chat with ben. Now he is smitten by the evil jealous.

"bhabhi ... help me na.. please i like her but woh tho... aur bhai is so dumb i should say"

"what can i do with ur brother,  frankly speaking i want the same u want ." priya said with a smile.

It irked ram, priya observed him from the corner of her eye. He wants her in his arms now. He want to punch ben too.  So as planned  DJ announced partners exchange. Ben got jackie in his arms, he wincked at priya.   She could not respond ram pulled her close to him  in his arms, tightening his grip on her waist,their bodies gluedto each other spilling all his possessiveness.

"what is that u were talking to ben"

"arrey nothing.but let me tell u: bahbhi " dewar ka top secret hai"

"oh .. [calmed down hearing bhabhi] bhabhi  uh...[he repeated]"

"yup ..Y? something is burning here!" she giggled.

"nothing and it isn't funny..!"

" u dance with jackie too"

"hmmm now i am able to smell the burning smoke.." he said naughtly...

" hmmm.. btw ben is going to propose her"

"kya" ram shocked.

"y r u shocked .. at least u will learn to propose at least"

"y do we need to propose, that too after yestarday!.. tell me" she blushed  hugged him hiding her face in his arms. neha just prayed to god that this pair should always be happy. Neha's eyes were on  love birds ,  she nudged vikram . vikramand neha suspected something has happened.

"baby , don't u think ram and priya arebehaving  different."

"neha yaar they love each other.. uknow na"

"i know it dear, but don't u see priya is a little more comfortable with ram and humara golu bhi."

"haan , they r little more close but a while later they were fighting"

"that's wat. Something is hidden"  neha became suspicious.

Neha is a crazy for shopping, all four went for shopping. After the lunch ram did not spend time for  priya.  Ladies are very good in  spending where as men in planning. Joe ram vikram are busy in some other preparations.  Ram is collecting  contact card from eery place they vist.  Vikram and joe found it funy.finally men reached women to pay the bills. Ram is ready with his card to be swiped but what a waste,she paid her bill. He scolded her, y dint she let him pay for her. he is angry on her and went to the nearby  food court.
"Oh  god .. priya ..he  eats lot when he is annoyed and  angry, later suffer with indigestion.. go yaar stop that kid.." vikram said in a worried tone.

Priya went to him ...  sat infront of him, ram is not talking but continued to eat. Priya sipped the cold cofee  from the same cup. She wincked at him. she unpacked all that she bought,  his jaws dropped in suprised.  Yes it was only for him nothing she shopped for her,she wanted to pay from her own savings. She picked all  top brands which suit his strature.shirt, trousers,tie, wallet, watch, cufflings,shoes everything. He picked up the cuffling ,they were made of gold  a part is plated with platinum.

"sorry..." he said

" i want to give u something, these materialistics things cannot explain how much u mean to me!" she said.

"i love u baby. U already gave memost precious thing." he pulled her to his side.  She cupped his face and kissed him on his noes "love u too"

" btw... ur one antique in the world who do these things like over eating in anger.. though u look sooo cute ram" she giggled pulling his cheeks. They shared the  cofee and reached the cottage. 

Later in the evening,

" ram ..  i want to say something" he stopped her

" i dont consider it a mistake priya.  Last night was so right  to me, bu i know will not want  it til we get married.. though it is difficult for me i will abide to it"

" ram i love u .. god has blessed me with u.." she hugged him tight.

"how do u know my measurements!, all what u bought is perfect fit on me" ram asked her

"trist me i know everything about u."

"omg .. priya .. how ?"

"arrey i wanted to gift to these earlier but i was not in  peace, Jackie used to bother me.  Now i am secured. And mera dewar tho hai na saath mein" he smiled her. an idea struck his mind.

They retired to their rooms to freshen up . after dinner ram came to her room. She slept  of all the tiredness curled up like a baby ! .. he slept in the couch watching her.
A while later priya woke up seeing ram in a bad position, woke him up to sleep in the bed.

 "saala... always hitting the wrong time.I think it's high time i should kidnap u .." he is annoyed with the cacophonous bell,

She went and wished all of them. Rajath bought two teddies to the kids. Raina cady  priya ram rajath and daijaan sat for dinner while kids are watching cartoons . rajath could not take his eyes off her. other side priya is blushing as cady is teasing her.  ram relished her cooking.  Rajath is shocked  to see priya cooking non veg.He thought she ordered from some hotel but to his surprise, it was home made. Ram praised her 

"ummm delicious dear, U really cook butter chicken better than any best chef  in the world" ram said  smacking his fingers. She blushed.  Rajath  anger is getting more and nore.

"what priya u cook NV" daijan asked.

"haan daijaan.. am married to a punjabi man tho  i learnt it  for ram!" she blushed

"aww so cute.. u both r so adorable... omg  some one is blushing" cady said..

" cady behave ur self... btw , yes,  it is delicious priya... mrs Priya ram kapoor with double O" rajath said. She gave a fake smile.

Rajth saw those same combination of the flowers on kitchen table, priya followed his look , she said i love those roses and ram bought  them . every thing is like what ram said. It is his foolishness, to think priya hates ram. Now time to  kulfi party.  Priya is chatting with  dayijaan ,cady rina were busy with cutipies.  Ram came there calling for his angels. Rajath is a viewer.

" pihu,riya cady n rina come over here.." al the four rushed.

" ok  now,  darlings this is mumma's special, priya .. this is for u, am sure u should have missed this but now am here so no more  worries" ram said. Leaving priya guess..

"  let me gues... dont tell me u ... no ram  not now" she said to him..

"arrey, some break  the suspense "  cady said said

"ok  ram went on his knees,called the two angels to him .showed the bowl with kulfi's. See it kids jumped wow papa kulfi ..they shut their mouth biting their tongue. Puzzled,how do they know about it. I never allowed them to  eat but cady..

"yup kulfi"

"no papa ..we dont like kulfi" both  sulked

"arrey  it is very tasty.. lelo.. mumma ka fav hai."

"haa .. mumma ka fav hai but mumma dont like it." rajath falshed a  victorious smile. Ram is a little disappointing.

" riya pihu come here..." priya called them. "  r u not sharing kulfi with mumma ! kulfi  is much better when it is shared.. that's y mumma said no to, ab ur papa is here so we all can share it  ok" priya looked happy. 

After a long time her desire is going to be full filled. Ram gave kulfi's to every one. There is one left  ram smiled giving that one to priya..

" aur aapka kulfi.." priya asked knowing his mischief. He pointed to hers " off-course that's mine .. for got sharing..." she smiled.

" Please ram dont embarrass me". She blushed..

" ok now u relish it" he made her sit  beside him ..

" papa aap ka kulfi kaha hai?"  pihu asked.

"no papa have no kulfi left"

Pihu crawled up to ram gave ram a bit. Riya even came to him gave him a bite, ram is so happy seeing this. They were so much like their mom, he felt he is blessed to have them .  priya is so happy seeing them.
"papa is there so forgot mumma," priya said as she want to be a part of the happiness.
 Priya took a bite from riya and pihu shared her kulfi  with him.  riya and pihu dripped molten  kulfi all over them and ram, wiped their hands on ram's shirt and falshed a cute smile and sloppy kiss he  melted.  This was the best kulfi party i ever had  both are in bliss. Cady dayi jaan n rina enjoy  a lot cady  wished she has her mom n dad alive.  Priya went to cady  challenging ram that she has her army here,  priya hugged cady saying "ur my  first daughter  as long as i live am ur mom.u and rina r gifted to me. About ur uncle  am sure u will be  on his side, he is so cool and sweet this ishis extended family." Cady rina hugged her.  ram came to them  making the moment lite.  "accha now tell this who know this secret  of kulfi am sure priya would not have spilled it"

"am sure it is cady" priya said.

" woh... i remember  u carving for kulfi   a week before ur delivery , me and mumma  went every where to get u one! Then u mom abt kulfi party. Me rina n these two went to a near by parlour on our way back from  school... that day  when i topped my +12, ..sorry"

"its ok .. and thanku so much."  Ram said and gave side hug..

"rina i told u,  they make a good pair " cady said. Ram n priya blushed.

"this kadoos kapur.. with u  is so disgusting. Ram uncle parcel him to  mars please."  rina said in  a low tone  when rajath said will leave. They all went. Ram gave kids a quick bath wrapped them in towels. They were waiting for priya to come n dress them she is busy in arranging clearing her kitchen and  living room. Riya ran to priya in the towel. Hugged her legs..

"mumma  i want to wear new dress."

" no riya not now riya go  .. bed time now change to ur night clothes"

"no no no no no no .. i want it " riya  is shouting.

Priya cant take it any more, she took their sleep clothes from the cupboard make them wear.   Explaining them not to insist. But  riya took her dress off saying she don't want it. Priya made her wear it again. They cutely asked  mumma can we sleep with u and papa. And today papa will tell us story. Priya  laughed in heart. Ram is cursing his  fate.  But seeing his cute little girls he said yes. But story and papa..  priya dubiously  said yes.  While priya finish rest of the work ram tucked them in bed  trying his best to say story,  priya changed and came.   Pihu  hugged ram and was in deep sleep where as priya did not. Riya hugged her tight and slept . ram was watching the mom  in his wife.  After a while .. she said ram i think we need to talk. ...