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chapter 26

continuation of flash back..................................................

Oops... she is nearing me. My darling is convinced now, the very next moment consequences change...  damn my fate.  When my fate will support me!

Ram is worried to see the lady approaching him in bikini.  Off course the man in  him  constantly said WOW ... man she is hot.. the lover  said beta be careful u r committed to her don't let any such visible sign's to priya. As per vikram's detailed study of women no wife and girl friends, she will  know in a spec of a second.  He sat stiff trying to look composed, she saw all his reactions  and the changes in his face. Jackie came near them greeting them Morning.  Priya behaved as if it did not effect her, so as ram relaxed a bit in the conversation. Joe complimented her that she is dressed perfect to the day.  Joe hugged nisha and whispered to her, my baby looks beautiful with this baby bump, nisha blushed.   Ram noticed this and moved close to priya kept his arm around and smiled at her having his  drink.

"ram...  jackie is looking so hot today ..!" priya started the conversation  ram did not expect such  from her.

"  hmmm... nooo she isn't, not at all" ram stammered saying so. Unknowingly it was a trap to him.

"common ram .. she is.. look at her. She is a perfect Hour glass.  It was you who  explained me so much of this kind of womanly bodies. " she blushed.

" ha she is a perfect hour glass figure, am sure she must be doing lot of workout's  to maintain her body toned.  Will ask her about some good trainer what say" priya eyes narrowed seeing him speak lot on her curves

" yeah right.. u need a dietitian  then a fitness trainer. " she smiled..
"NOO... not for me... for u "he tried to cover up what he said.

" how thoughtful  for me! Oh  baby...   but ram Just 3 days back u complimented me so much..  just after 3 days am out of shape?"

" no u r not out of shape, what i  mean is...actually i don't know. "priya  gave a stern look  at him.
Joe and nisha were enjoying ram's difficulty to convince her.  He kept quite thinking  Vikram where r u yaar I need u r suggestion  from ur women analysis.  She walked off from there nisha excused herself to change. Joe said will swim for a while..  ram even went to change. When he came back he saw a  women in loose hairs, white neckless beach cover  walking on the shore where the waters just touch her feet,  with a big hat on her head.   It was his lady.  Like a magnet  he was dragged towards her. She turned back feeling his presence. He is looking great, in a white shirt hung careless on his  shoulders with 3 buttons open exposing his bare chest and his trunks.

"oh ... u here..." he said

" yes,  ... y ? shouldn't be here? Seems like u  took me for  someone else!" she  gave a stern look to him.

" priya common ... what did i do!" he is walking with her to convince.  They heard jackie calling ram.  Both turned back. she is calling ram to join  them swimming. He smiled to her waved his hand. Priya saw this and was walking  away.

" priya come lets swim..."

" Am sorry,  I wasn't called it was u.  Go have fun... oh .. u cant go inside water with this shirt na.. let me help... " She frowned at him. she unbuttoned his shirt.

He stood there with a big question mark. She was tempted to touch him, his masculine half nudity is inviting her. She unknowingly touched his ABS [ram is not fat here, he is damn hot and fit.] he is surprised with her touche.  she felt his hot skin on her palms, she  glided her palm to his shoulders, he stepped a step forward to her to feel her close to him.  she leaned over him their closeness made them forget the world around them.  Her hot breath fanned on his skin. She inhaled his cologne.  Ram closed his eyes feeling her nose nuzzle his neck, he is tempted to the core. He crawled his hands around her , clasping her tight trying to feel her  through the  thin fabric.  He could not resist her  teasing he took her into his arms and hugged her tight. He is so hot for her she knows only she can effect him,she is jealous because she wants him totally to her alone.  That thought made her realize they were romancing in public, she pushed him back in place breaking the hug. " if u want u cant go to swim but i dont know to swim" saying this she turned back walking along the shore.

He served her some sweet lime soda on the beach  bench, she is silent thinking  he will go to swim without her.  He asked her if he can  teach her to swim.  she dint reply.  He saw her fully she was dressed to swim. he was scanning her  keenly  but she did not feel awkward  on his look in fact it is ok to her  cause it was he. Every one reached after they had lot of fun swimming .  it was jackie's plan to tempt ram  flaunting her curves, she suggested to play volley ball. Every one is exited except ram who is  busy watching  priya's mole on her jaw line. He is tempted to kiss her there.  Priya saw  what is he doing and before someone notice, she kicked him under table. He said yes.  Priya and ram are in opposite teams.  Ram asked priya- why she is not ready to swim but ok to play volley ball. Her ans is straight ' she is fine if he see's her in bikini  but she  is not comfortable like this.  He felt blessed  that he has her in his life.

"Ram this is not fair!! U totally forgot us!"   ram heard the voices, it  was no other than vikram neha.  Priya ran to neha nad hugged her. She was surprised. She asked ram who stood shocked seeing both of them, if he has planned to surprise her.  Ram asked how come he be here, so vikram answered he  got his location when he Emailed  vikram. Neha felt like seeing priya  so they dropped there.  Vikram ram priya every one enjoyed a lot while nisha and neha  encouraged them.  Day wen on very great.  They had lunch. In the night   they made a camp fire. Vikram gave ram guitar, he tuned the guitar, he played a tune feeling romantic, looking deep to her eyes.  She understood the hidden message in the melody.  She felt cold, she wants him to warm her, both are on fire. While all the couples enjoying  their lovers company in the beautiful night.  Priya felt jelous seeing jackie moved close to ram. She stood up and started walking back to their cottage.  Ram ran after her.  Ram made all arrangements to neha and vikram and reached the place.  The cottage is locked, he knows her very well  she will come here but where is she. She is scared of darkness too.

He rushed to the place they spent in the morning.  Ram is constantly calling her but it was switched off.  He is running like mad to reach her. Where is she !   searched around the cottage there is no visible sign of human habitats near the cottage.   It was a forested place. He could not ask the help of any one there. He is fatigue,  but his heart  is pushing him to go search her  beyond  his strength. Helplessly he collapsed on his knees, shouting her name to highest pitch.  Tears rolled down to his eyes.  He covered his face in his hands praying  she should be safe. There is no one there to hear him cry, he cried out loud "Priya... i love u" Screaming her name  in pain that is wrenching his heart.  His throat became sore shouting out loud.  He cursed himself for hiring a private cottage.   He cried out for once chance he will never let her go any where.  He prayed to god.   

A while later he heard someone humming. His hope raised , he stepped forward towards her.  The is walking on the shore   listening to music.  Head phones did not  let his cry to her ear.  The place where she  hidden from his sight  cause of trees.  He saw he walking on the shore enjoying to the melodious beats splashing the water  with her legs.  He lean on the trunk of a tree heaved a deep sigh  thanking God  for she is safe!.  He wiped his eyes not to blurr his vision.   She saw him went towards him pulling out the ear plugs out.  She  saw his eyes twinkling with tears in the reflection of the full moon light. She felt bad it is perhaps because of her.   She composed herself  stood in front of him  crossed her arms across her chest. 

" Oh .. now hope u r done with ur concert.  Earned lot of die hard fans may be,,... Ah . well it was not at all impressive so i came off it is just that i forgot to grab cottage keys"  she spilled jealousy ..

He did not answer her, pulled her hand out  in the sec min she is  in his arms. he encircled her possessively in his arms.  kissed  her neck.  Touching her back, feeling her. He is experiencing myriad of emotions, which are un explainable.  She  is constantly  calling him  ram, ram  what happened... arrey listen to me.. he broke the hug. Clasped her face in his palms.  Kissed her for head.  She understood his worries.  She hugged him and said sorry... both remained in the place for a while..

" raaam ... can i ask u some thing"

" hmm"

"  woh... nothing..  u played very well"

" thanks.. but what is it u want to ask"  she broke the hug.  Hold his hands tight.

" ummm... I  .. It 's nothing , one stupid wish.  No leave it."

" anything for u,even it is my life am read to offer u.." ram said .  priya  kept a finger on his lips.

" what am i going to do without u. I  want to grow old with u.. with u alone. U get it"

" i love u priya. Ur my life,  now tell me what u want."

" i want ...  want to swim now.. u said u can teach me."

He is shocked to listen her..  "WHATTT... NOW ...! SWIMMING..."  he could not understand what the hell is this women is,  does she have any idea of temperature . OMG it is cold now  cant even imagine of water now. She want to swim now. Women are hard to handle . she pouted her lip . she  expected  he will never say NO to her request. 

"hmmm..."  ram took a deep breath.   And asked her to change . he went in side the cottage  to get some things. 

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