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chapter 27

I Belong to u, my love and my  life.  

walking in the mall Ram’s eye captured a store, where he saw a mannequin with a bikini. His brain could  frame an image of his lady and her memories. His lips curled to a shy grin, impulsed to utter “hellcat”.  He stepped ahead towards the office to meet rajath. In the other floor he came across a bridal wear shop.  He immediately hopped in in search of a dress like hers . it is just to see if he could find any. He memorized the shopping with her and their big day.   He heard a humble  voice.

“would u like to see these for ur girl friend sir,let me help u picking one for ur beautiful bride on her Big day”
“ i wish i could buy one, only if my wife allows me. .. i mean to remarry her again   3 time.” He gave a broad grin...
“ oh.. great, u can pick one to surprise her. Sir, may be like relishing ur beautiful memories all over again.”
“ yeah,,...  i should think of it be cause my darling is been so unromantic these days, i should do something to recall my women .  well a part from this i just came in as i was swimming in the pool of my beautiful memories. Thanks for ur help.” saying this ram left the shop. 

Ram sat in rajath’s office waiting for him . he went out observing the shoppers and the shop’s in the mall. Rajath is observing this from another place.  Rajath cannot see ram’s happiness now.  Ram got a call  from  priya reminding him about her kids.   When ram is on phone rajth suspected  caller to be priya rajath called to priya, he could hear the automatic answering  asking him to wait or  call again later.  Rajath rushed to ram suspecting it was priya. Priya  saw rajath’s call disturbance in the line,  ram asked her what is the matter  before rajath  reach ram she said it was rajath’s call. Ram felt  tap on his shoulder,rajath gasping saying 
ram walked along with rajath  talking to  priya. Ram saw rajath scowling.  After the call rajath and ram discussed about mall business.  While leaving ram went to  pick red and white roses. Rajath said priya do not like these. Ram laughed and said  “ur kidding man, i know what she loves and what not”. He picked some kulfi’s for all of them ,rajath interfered saying she even reject if riya ask for kulfi.  Ram assure him
“ my dear, u never know about ur bhabhi, she is special,  come with dayijaan to home in the evening  wil have a kulfi party at our place u will see my  darling relishing kulfi. That was her fav, she must have hated it ,might be  she is alone, sad and loomy but not now ”  rajath felt jealous. Could not say anything because he saw some  familiar  person in the entrance of the mall he excused himself. Ram saw some tension in rajath’s behavior. He captured  rajath meeting a well dress business man and going in a brand new BMW. He could see his face but ram suspected him to be his rival.  But what is up with rajath ! some thing is fishy!.   With the same thoughts he walked  down the mall he captured a  store , a bikini store- he blushed seeing the stores. He reached his car and is off to pick up his cutepies who are  exited to play  with papa,  he drifted back to perfect days of his life when every day is a  surprise and every  sec is a blissful satisfaction. Its cause the love of his life, the bikini reminded of her , a perfect hour glass  women,  voluptuous beauty, his lady, yes his crazy women  whom he is madly in love with..............................


Ram came out with all the things he needed, she smiled, he want to  make the time special.  Actually she want  to swim  because of him,as he asked her in the morning with her insecurities and hesitation  she ignored. Actually she is shy to be in bikini in the day light infront of all.  She Isn’t  comfortable yet but she want to do it for him. she feels him  her own. She blushed at the thought how will she effect him.   ram  placed a carpet a on the sand  covered it with sheets .placed robes in place. He is still not sure of the swimming idea,  her health, it is really cold and he do not want to take risk.  He again asked her to revert  for this plan no she is an adamant.  She came near to him opened his shirt buttons, saying I forgot to tell u u look so hot today especially in these swim trunks . She smiled naughty at him. he felt surprised at her words,  actually he was  seduced, those words  honored the male in him.  

she went towards the sea. Felt the cold water touch her feet. She shivered from toes to head.  Turned back looking to his eyes, it felt right, she felt assured  cause it is her man. She raised  her top from her body dropped it on the sand.  She looked  great in the reflection of moonlight on her body.  She is beautiful women. The kind of body he  always thought  a women should have.  She is in a purple colour floral printed  tankni top and  plain white shorts.  He comprehended the reason of picking  this dress that she is not comfortable.  She walked to the sea till she is half in to the water. She called him.  he joined her,  water in the sea that time is cold. He said it is not good to swim. she made a puppy face pleading , he melted.   Ram took her little deep  holding her close to him like a strict tutor he is directing her.  She is annoyed ,instead of enjoying he is warning her. she removed his hold  splashed water on his face and escaped. He looked around but she is no where.  He searched for any visible sign of her. He went deep into water searching her. he came up for oxygen. He i s nervous .

 he cursed himself for not rejecting this stupid idea. Coldness aided to his nervous state. He screamed  her name loud  tears flooded down his eyes in to the saline water’s of the sea.  He felt a warm body  embracing him from back, her hands  curled around his waist and her head rested on his shoulder. She whispered – am here right at ur back . he pulled her hands close to his body.  Turned her around. Angry man came out scolding her for her stupid prank. All the time he is reminding her she do not know swimming.   She kept her finger on his lips, came closer to his shivering body kissing his cheek- ram  I know u were tensed, but  am here relax.. By the  way see ur a good tutor ah , see am a quick learner...  He smiled pulling her closed to him kissing her forehead – i cant live with out  u priya. She  smiled naughty,- hmm
u still think i dont knw swimming and u taught me!..   then it strucked his mind. He said, - no..... U know to swim or else u cannot hide under water, Omg .. ur sucha brat ...priya .   She sighed,  uh!.. finally ah,  U r dum  ram, ur nick name suits u,  hail dadi.. golu ram kapoor. HA i know to swim. I learnt it in school, as a extra circular activity.  This is a secret  now u know this.

R: y was it a secret!

P: hmm u know maa, she protested a lot but papa joined me in convent school so i stayed in hostel for few years, If mom is known she would not have appreciated it, I a winner in  school level competition too. Dadi used to hide this from mom.  later financial crisis i came back to near by school.   Swimming now, with u

R:  leave it yaar.  Y dint u ,in the morning. . am sorry ....

She laughed, - pulling his cheeks .  he said u felt uncomfortable in the morning  infront of all,  she  nodded her head in agreement. He hugged her. their closeness ignited the heat, they r no more feeling cold he hugged her tight.  Saying –priya u mine alone.  She said i love u ram.  They broke the hug, he said , this might not be safe, come will rest on the shore. She said – she enquired  it is safe to swim in night, actually this is a private cottage for those on honeymoon,  do u know it.  He blushed,  said- who knows i asked them for a separate cottage tha’s it.. she splashed water on him  saying golu..., he too did it  they enjoyed  swimming teasing each other.  he took a towel wiping her dry, he wrapped her in towel, he took some wood log and made a fire  made her sit near the fire.  She stood up wiped him dry, saying she is alright. He insisted her to change her wet clothes. She found a pack near, she saw it was a two piece bikini, she questioned him  if he wants  her to wear this?  He said no, he just picked some packet lying in her room dint check it..  she smiled at him asked him to turn around, took off her wet clothes and changed. She walked past to  grap her beach cover, put it on and came near ram.  He too changed to shorts and vest , She pulled him on the carpet lying on her back.. took a deep breath enjoying the beautiful view  starry sky. He followed her

They counted stars,   that night was really  warm for both of them . she sat and was feeling cold. He hugged her , after a while she is stabilized,   he kissed her neck , nuzzled her. she felt the heat, igniting her. she felt it is right after all it is ram. He kissed her ear. He moved to her face kissing every inch of her face, his hands wandered on her waist. He kissed on her jaw line, his warmth melted her, she is dying for this so as he, he kissed her lips gently, she closed her eyes in anticipation.  He looked with lots of desire into her eyes, she read his eyes, she cupped his face and glued her lips to his, like a dew drop kissing the petals. He sucked her lower lip. She slowly  lied on her back kissing him.  that went passionate,their tongues  explored each other. It is right to do. They were quenching the thirst of love. he sucked her lower lip before leaving her to breath.  She felt shy, consuming the moment remained eyes closed.  She felt he is moving away and opened her eyes.  He stood near the fire.

 He said sternly  come priya lets go in and have to rest now! He stood hung his head to earth.  She hugged him from behind. He could understand the emotional turmoil in her. but he felt it isn’t right. Priya, this is not right.  She said  ram i love u and I completely trust u. He turned around. Looked into her  carving eyes. His  emotions are unbidden, they are identifiable to her.  she assure him, she cupped his face – ram i love u , i only love u,  am saying it feels right to me, in every sense. Dont restrain urself. I need some assurance to face my mom, fight against her.  I need u ram.. she hugged him tight, he cupped her face- priya.. i love u lot, i promise i will never leave u. He sealed the promise with a kiss. It went passionate too this time both lost in each other, she gave him more access to explore her pulling his face more close to her. she felt her knees weaken  ram balanced her weight on one arm and other is wandering on her curves.   He looked at her panting,  his warm breath is fanning on her skin sensitizing her  senses.

  He pulled her close to him so as their lower bodies touch each other. She felt him grow on her. she felt shy, his desire is growing she is waiting  for him to act. She is ready to give in herself to him. he pushed her wet hair from her shoulder,bent on her shoulder nuzzled her.  nipping her soft skin, she moaned. He whispered in her  ear- darling u look so hot, u r only mine and am all urs..  priya’s fingers caressed his hairs, like a blind man reading through braille ram hand’s moved on her body. He took her top off,  she crossed arms over her chest, which actually covers nothing . he took off his vest too. As his stepped forward she stepped backwards. He caught her hand  and draw her close. – dont dare to tempt me more priya. He kissed her trembling lips, trailed wet kisses on her neck, kissing her inch  by inch,  he kissed her cleave, gently bite there, She mewled his name. Her encouraged him  he made her lie down .

What makes a better place than this,   moon  felt shy  and  went behind the clouds making space to these lovers. He kissed her shoulder ,cupped her curves in his hands rubbing and pressing them. He then went to her navel kissed her, his wet lips  touched her skin, she felt this kind of pleasure first time she wants more and more from him. he went down kissing every inch of her body from head to toe. She pulled him up,  came over him, kissed him  on his cheeks,chin, kissed him  on his neck. She went on kissing him on his chest. She kissed him fervently,she never  said him but she likes his muscular manly body.  He pulled her up,turned her down he pressed her curves kissing her.his hands went to her back unhooked the garment hugging her. he peeled it off. Her naked B****  captured his eyes. He hasn’t seen any women so close. She covered her chest. He took her hands off, cupped her full curves in his hands. He felt her harden peak. He pinched them gently,it aroused her more. he kissed her soft mounds, fondled them. His every move is making her grow much more aroused. She moaned.

He continued to taste her, he licked her all over. He sucked her soft flesh,  pinching her. his hand explored her hotness, he touched her womanhood, he  adjusted himself in between her legs and kissed her,he took off the last barrier of her body. He touched her most sensitive part. He kissed her.  he is drugged  by her ,yes its her aroma mad him  crazy. His fingers dig in her part making her more aroused.  Warmth from his skin is conjured her.touching her aesthetically and moved his hand fast on her intimate part. He slowly took her N****e in his mouth. Sucked her gently, his tounge draw circular patterns on her areole,she moaned more. she loves the kind of pleasure he render her. he nibbled her hardened n*****s, she cried his name...RAAAAAAAM, clutching his arm. He began to bite her n****s,  she tremble  as she is near to get the first Orgasm of her life. She dig her nails on his shoulder as she felt her body tremble.her first O.
Priya we r supposed to move forward after our wedding.. ram said.

No ram, i feel rejected, dont do this to me again. I love u. I know how much u want me. Ram please..accept me on our anniversary. This is the spl gift any girl can give her love once a life time. . An yr back u kissed me declaring am ur wife ram, remember...from that day am ur’s..I only urs, i felt It mean alot to me, I made an uncompromising covenant to u. That am ur wife....” She kissed him  on his lips

He blushed,so as she. He kissed her on her lips, after a passionate kiss, she became demanding him she badly wanted him. ram made his way to her moist sensitized realm, he rubbed her there.  She closed her eyes , gave him an open access. She love the kind of effect it has. Ram stood up and took off his pants. She starred at him, he kicked all his clothes off. She is  astound see him. She never saw such musculature. He appeared like a greek god Eros,the passion and desire is flooding in his eyes. Her look made him aprodiasical, he lowered him self on her. he kissed her longingly, kissed her all over, ravished her again. She cant take it any more she called his name.her eyes ordered him to dive in her. he made his position in between her legs

His hardness kissed her tender softness, he tempted her doing it repeatedly. She felt hard hot rod in her plams, he wants her to feel it. She felt shy, he hold her hand and directed her palms on his hardness. He moaned, she now had experienced the encouraging effect moans. She massaged the hard length, she pressed it hard and he groaned out loud. She reverted back  in fear. He kissed heron lips  saying- It pains, which is actually a sweet pain. He made her falt on the sand bed , came over her,his fully aroused hardness poked her at  the juncture.  He slowly opened her legs  his maleness and her womanhood kissed each other. His throbbing hardness made his way into her.  she felt her muscles stretch, she closed her eyes  tight and  consuming the pain in her so tha the is not diverted. He moved further  into her, felt a parry to go deep to love her. yes she is right she offered him her virginity.

Positioned  proper to thrust her hymen,he took her lips with all the love kissed passionately. constantly moving up to make his entry. he pushed all of his length into her in one go, she clutched her teeth to control  the pain,  tears rolled down her eyes, she pushed him a bit. She cried his name out  raam... ram caressed her  kissed her tears away.  She looked into his eyes, he kissed her forehead, she  saw his concern for her.  he kissed her lips passionately as he is feeling sorry  for the pain he caused.   She hugged him, pain is ignored in his kiss.  He was about to say her not now, she assured him it is ok.  Though she is wincing in pain she allowed him,  he gently  started to move in her.  initially she closed her eyes tight, seeing this he kissed her while he continues to do.  After a while ram paced up her body is totally supporting him, she is experiencing the feeling of seventh heaven. She moaned he groan, pleasure ruled their  brains forgetting everything,  both  looked to each others eyes , friction between their bodies paced more up ignited with heat, they sweated badly in the lap of nature.  Both reached climax, she arched her head, he bucked her in with massive strokes releasing his load in her.  his knees weakened , he collapsed on her breast panting.

She caressed his hairs in post coital bliss, he moved to her shoulder caressing her breast.  She  had goosebumps to the cold wind, he covered them with duvet. She cuddled to him, rested her head on his shoulder. The fire he made  is still burning.  She smiled looking at him. he asked him y is she smiling. She probed her head up kissed him on his forehead. She looked beautiful in the reflection of the fire and the contentment in her eyes no visible signs of her possessiveness.  After a deep silence ram said priya I LOVE U.. she kissed on his chest placed her ear on his hear listening to the melody of those beats.

Ram.. she called. “ I am so happy  today, thanku so much.”

“common darling ur my  beautiful wife and am a lucky man”

“i never thought i would do this before wedding, I can understand ur feeling, dont feel guilty ram am so happy,i dont care what life gives me now! This moment , this feeling of offering u me is enough to me. I belong to u  only to u “

“u read me!..  yes u belong to me alone and i belong to u alone, and madam  some has said .. uhh.. we r married n this is no wrong. I u forget  we can redo all what happened” he said naughtly.

“ raam .. [ she said sternly] oh where is that  stern man,composed in seduction too”

“ he is blown off, he mutated ..u doubt!”

“ no... never.. “

“ hmmm .. seriously priya i even did not thought we will end up in the arms of nature. I loved it, 5 elements of nature witnessed our love.”

“ yes ram.. am sorry   for me u  staying away from ur family”

“ ok , now time to break the  ice. I gotta know from vikram abt ur  shifiting to Europe, u know that b school is mine.  Mom heard when i and vikram decided to stop u. That day  dadi and mom came to me asked me to get u back, they asked me for their bahu.  I came to talk to u  but my hellicat is so determined to move.  So had no way out, In the same period  we gotta deal with this company, rishab asked he will deal, it was  fairly  fate that brought me here.  1st reason its u  second the glory of KI ..”

“sometimes  other become our own,own  remain straingers. I miss KK aunty so much”

“ helloo.... madam

 “No more aunty ,,,  ur now her bahu!”

“haa, dadi n maa has sent me shagun too.  Bass only one thing is left behind, shuhaaghan ki nishani”

“hmmm...   [by that time fire weakened]  ok now  leave all that. What ever the world say  ur mine and am 
urs.   Don’t spoil my mood, .... “

“ ok .... then will count  stars now”

“ what ......... u have lost it.. i was abt to ask u to go inside how long will we stay here  as adam and eve”

“ i don’t mind till the first ray of sun kiss me.  Don’t worry no one will come here. [ she giggled] now  start counting. That side is ur and this side mine ok.. no cheating”

“ not again ... am not doing it” he pouted.

“ aww my handsome man is cho cute...”  she kissed his pouted lips, he smiled and with sweet tlks abt their future both of them drifted to sleep.

Two drops from kissed ram, he woke up seeing the change is the weather. she is in deep slumber,a smile on her lips cuddled more to him  securing her self in the blanket. he smiled seeing her, - Is she the one who is very aggressive a while early now  sleeping like a tiny babe. I love this side of her so much.  then it slowly started drizzling  he wrapped her in the duvet carried her back to the cottage, made her lay down on the bed. He noticed some stains on the sheets this is what she was talking abt. he crawled to her side holding her close to him drifted to sleep with a contentment and feeling of togetherness.

He came back to senses, his naughty offspring kept their sipper near his mouth. He  could not utter a word as both were fighting the winning game who’s first.  Ram tried to control the kids. He heard melodious voice laughing at his state. She actually enjoyed  seeing this. Both kids jumped out and hugged their mom. Like always she handled them. He smiled. She came freshen up. Went directly to kitchen thinking it will be messy for sure to her surprise it was clean and good.  Ram caged her to the kitchen table from  behind, kept a full glass of strawberry milk shake.

“ i want to share this with u...”

“ oh now i knw why ur darling babies forced u to drink from sipper”


“ ram ... if u also drink this when they were having, they were sharing it with u. Bechari kady is a victim of this, many time these two forced her t drink milk shake, aloo paranta  which are strictly no’s in her diet plan”

“ oooo...  any ways now ... u share this with me!...”

“ hmmm.. genes ha,.... ok just  a sip,’

She took a sip  from his glass, he too had a sip relishing the flavour.  He saw the foam on her lips he came close to lips lik it up  but seeing his kids staring at them he wiped of her lips. She expected his lips  on hers but.. she saw her kids angry frown on them actually their papa who did not share with them but with mumma.

“ paapa mumma... we? are no where  , u forgot us... very bad papa” riya said sulking.

She pushed him  and hugged her two angels  made them sit on the kitchen table kissed them both.  Ram  made a puppy face saying sorry to  them . ram made them carefully sip from the  same glass. Ram and priya felt contentment with kids. Ram  is still trying to be a parent some where he  feels bad. May be it is  because he is still a husband and a lover or may be because he missed al those sweet years of their kids up bringing.  Ram hugged his kids, and priya. He came sat in the couch with  both of them  infront of him  telling their papa what al happened in the  school while priya made arrangements for dinner in the kitchen. Ram just prayed to God  to keep his queen and angels happy always.....


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