Monday, 6 May 2013


A bright new morning, with a  gentle winter breez, priya pulled close the heavy quilt on her..  stretched her body,lying  closed eyes  there  were no  birds chirping noise instead all she heard is sound of horns   and  racing  cars. she remembered her big white BMW M6  smile  curled her lips  the man actually  was crazy  bought her a new  luxurious car. She  just said it was nice the morning he gave her as gifted her. They  went on long drive ,he took her to the  highway and  made her revise her knowledge in driving a car. She didn't not drive car by her own till then . she knows to drive .her  scooty is her  love which she bought with her own  money . it was  special to her and the day ..

 The day  ...  WAIT A MIN. .she was back in her senses.she  was  very angry on her.. she can't forget this man .. she thinks y the hell she is  all around  him y the hell my day should start with  him . I hate him ,.. he never deserve any  love, he never loved me. she  made her mind.

priya woke up she could not find  RIYA  beside her. It was a routine that priya woke up kissing her life ,her darling daughter.  She took the slip note left for her .

Good morning'


Riya is kidnapped for a while don't get tensed
Cady .

She  smiled and continued with her daily courses. She is not tensed why because her darling is in another darlings hands. she looked up to the calendar and saw the date.  Sadness and cluster of thoughts  came to her mind . she went to the balcony adjacent to the bedroom. she leaned her weight on the railing and was looking at  large photo . Its changed so much. She has come a long  way leaving everything behind .its was a nightmare. Very bad nightmare  her life is been a challenge.she once lived for the family  ,for the family she is nothing more than a thing. She is a mother now  riya is her world ,why her mother treated her like a outsider. Was this her fate ? she felt she was not loved by anyone. Today she miss her  family. Her father n brother, of course her mother and her sister. She  wiped all her tears when she  remembered her sister. 

Hatred was visible in her eyes. She looked down  from  25 th floor of the apartment.  Took a deep breath . 

consoling herself  she  said to herself "priya everything is changed ,once u scared to look down from heights now look at urself  don't feel woozy.  Have to be strong , they don't  deserve ur love .allu have is ur darling and jyothi's baby to look after , they are  your  family. Yes this is your  family .  do u think u r mother will regret for what have they done to u  never .they won't they live happy in the riches of u r  husband so  be strong she opened her eyes looked deep into the sky" ..

"I don't know if ur are there above beyond the skies or not but everyone quote u upper wale .but  for me u stay in every person. Wherever u are plz protect me my baby and  cady. Plz be merciful to us. I have no enough strength to bear many troubles in my life.  Plz give me support. Thank you for everything. "

" Bhool ja  priya aaj  teri B day hai.  Aaj  chutti hai . make a plan with ur kids  n  forget everything. "

She  console herself  and was looking down  at the  fast moving vehicles .enjoy the view  waiting  for Riya and cady .she suddenly  heard a sweet voice  calling her .this little voice make her  forget the pains and agony in  her life. Even the day when she has undergone through the delivery cry from this cute little miracle make her forget the  massive pain and stress she  went through. she wiped her  face . she can't show her tears to  her love. She turned back with a smile.. her smile faded in  seconds.


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