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flash back ...

Ram arranged a party, a fete of his success in a business venture. To make the rest of  his  competitors avaricious. Presently   he is a man in love   it really do not matter even if he  crack a  billion rupees deal, his biggest achievement   is  priya's acceptance. Al he  want is to hear the  7 magical letters that were framed. The   words  from  will make him on top of the world. He went to her college invited  her to the party.  She said no .. he insisted,  made her agree to  come as his friend. What  so ever priya take  ram as friend , for  ram she is his  queen. He is proud to  call her as his girl lady. Karthik reached there with nuts.  Ram  went to Sharma house to accompany  priya to the party. He  invited  sruthi too. Sruthi  came  with her fiance.

This party  turned  a critical day in raya's life. Sid a serious rival in his family. Kapoors  are  tolerating   him just to keep the promise of amaranth. Sid a  slim   fit, well built , try a lot to  defeat ram n  insult him but all the way  fortune never favoured him. Ram is a killer in looks and   utterly handsome  in the branded black suit, the star of  tonight  arrived at the party.  He  ran towards passengers door to open the door to priya.  Lots of flash lights  seized the  moment. Priya  came out .  many  gathered around  raya. Asking  millions of  questions. Priya  felt  nervous, ram  assured her comforted her, n ignored all the  reporter's, marched to  the party. Everyone in the party  misstate about  raya. The news reached sid.  Sid  was drunk  his ego hurted to core  while his  friends   praising ram and added is the babe who came along with him .  sid  was furious on ram and priya. His  anger in that drunk state ranged with anger . he could not tolerate  or suppress  and decided to harm ram .

Ram was with her all through. Made her comfortable with  nuts karthik , vik and neha.  Soon sruthi reached with her husband Anuraag. Tonight  is a special party   surprise for   priya and  karthik .ayesha  is  walking on the ramp . the  show is non others than  nuts.  Nuts  just  started her career. Ayesha   even  getting  better in her career. Nuts asked ram for a platform to  prove herself. Ram gave her the chance. Karthik  was surprised  if  nuts know this was his sister, nuts really did not know.she thought of organizing  her show  with  lot of struggling  models like Ayesha.  Sid  finally gotta see ram and priya. She  wasn't  been a model  but  was elegant in her simple way in her saree.  Ram  was not  able to concentrate properly  on  guest .  sid  was at the bar  fully drunk   ishika went near her  brother to give the news.  Sid  was   also onserving   priya.

Ishika: hello bhai .. r u not  able to tolerate  ram's  success ?  hmm .. I can  see that .
Sid dint  respond to her. She  saw  at sid   who's glowering  priya. She  does know  who she is.  " who is this   I  never  seen  her here, and  she is  wearing a saree in a corporate party" sid  said '  " I was wondering  y  dint u  ask me about  her  till now, u wont  leave  ur  concern  on  women  who look  beautiful"  ishiqa  said ..  sid  gave a angry  look  to  her.. " well as per my  knowledge  she is priya  Sharma.. if she  says  yes  she will be  ur bhabhi  mrs priya  ram kapoor. He has already  proposed her look at him   was  deeply in love with her'''" ishiqa  spoke to her  brother. She  spilled the  whole story  to him . sid  want to  hurt  ram so this is the  way . sid : " so  priya '' ha.."   ishiqa  pointed to  Ayesha   as priya's  younger sister  who  stood as  hill stone  between ram and priya..  then to karthik  as  nuts  fiance.  Sid  gotta  way now  his  concern  turned to Ayesha. " she is  also  beautiful .. but   ignorant fool .. shakal se pata chal jatha hai. Ur  my  whip Ayesha Sharma" sid  spoke to himself..

 All the  couple's moved to dance  floor priya  sat  on  a table and  enjoying   the  view. She  was  expecting  ram  to  ask her  for dance. Ram  is busy  discussing  business. His  eyes  were fixed on her she glare at him and  he  asusual  at her.   Sid  observed this  went  there disturbing the  silent lovers gaze. Ram  was  alert  seing sid.  He  searched  for   rishab  to accompany  priya . rishab  was busy  flirting his college sweet heart.   Sid  introduced himself as  ram's brother.  Priya  gave a  hard  smile. She  was  worried as  sid is fully  drunk .  sid  started  a casual  talk then  asked   for a dance. She  cant dare to say no . as he is  from ram 's  family  she thought he will be good like all the others.  Went to dance floor. Priya  was  in  a antipathetic state to  dance with  him. Ram  finished his  work  and came to the table  found  priya  with sid  his  anger  grew  wild  and  hardly controlled with a fake smile.

Ayesha came near  ram , to ask  for a dance . he said yes . priya saw  ram and Ayesha  ram  was a gentleman and did not  touch Ayesha it  was  Ayesha  who  was leaning on  ram and trying her best to seduce him.  Ram  still staring at  priya.  Priya  hovered with  jealousy seeing  ram and ayesha . she was not at all comportable with  sid. Ram  observed it.  Sid  is  moving his  hand  over  her  waist and  priya  opposing it. Ram  saw this, priya turned towards ram in  rescue. Sid  was  moving his hands  all over her. Sid  whispered to  priya " lady ur  so beautiful and sexy"..  to his surprise sid  felt a  tapping on his back he left priya and  turned around . it was ram . " ur  right  sid she is so ' he extended his  hand to priya , may I have the privilege of a danc with u mam"  priya  was in  tear filled eyes gave her  hand to ram. Ram rescued priya . he hold her and was dancing.  Priya dint  came out  of that happened before.  " priya  .. its ok  am here with  u   I  wont let any thing  hurt  or  trouble u"" ram he is ur brother ..  so I said yes thought he will be decent .." she  cried. Ram  pulled her close made her rest her head on his chest and was consoling her. 

Ayesha  went to the  bar. As  ram suddenly left her hand  went to dance with priya. Her ego got hurt, even sid  got hurt. He wanted to  molest priya  but  ram  came to her rescue .  sid and Ayesha were at the bar  drinking and seeing these two in  each other's arms.   Ram  and  priya  were lost in their  closeness " well priya  I think I must  thank  sid" " what '!"" because of him u came this  close to me . feeling like ur   all mine alone" priya   blushed .. "hmm u  need to learn  something  from ur  wicked sister"    she  was  angry "  what""  that how to cling to ur  partner  while u dance  n '." Priya cut it in between . " u danced with Ayesha .. I saw u . y  do u do that"  " umm just as u said yes to sid I   and Ayesha.  ''.."  ram  felt  jealous in  priya's tone  and  started teasing herr.. " are u  jealous" " no  why will  I ?" she  felt she was jealous  about  ram .  she excused herself  and went to the  table.

 Ram  came to her , a moment of  silence dominated..    both  said  " sorry"  at the same  time . ram  asked  y  was she sorry abt?   A  little pretty conflict  started. " u even  said  sorry  I heard u first, ram  u tel me y  u said  sorry"  " no I heard u first   u tel y  u said sorry .. priya  ladies first" " no ,... u r telling it  now ... ram"  priya  demanded.. " hmm so   I thought  u were  jealous n  said  so' right priya"  yup  she is jealous but   was trying to cover it up  " y  will I be.. I was  just over protective  as '." "  AS'..  common  priya  tell it na.. as  u love me so u could not  bear ayesha in my arms"  he  smiled  naughty  expecting  her  reply .. he  knew  she will divert, but  never let her heart out .  "as  am  ayesha's sister.." " seriously   priya  u must  learn  few things  from ur sister.. It was her  who  asked me  for  dance. I  don't  want a young  girls  heart   down  n  agreed don't  worry  no such  thing  will ever  happen"  priya's  heart   felt  a slight rush of  adrenaline in her. She was so proud  that  ram and  was  dancing  in her  heart  "I dint mean it  ram" ram  do not  want to embarrass her more. " uhh'.  My  sorry is  for  the way sid behaved with u .. AM SORRY..  he is my cousin  brother" he  could not spill a word  down  about his family  but  that  moment  he wanted priya to know. He said everything  about his family to her.  She  kept her  hand over his to console him .. 

Ram  again  asked  priya   for dance..  they  were totally  lost into each others eyes and the closness is what  they are craving for. "priya  u wont mind  if I say  something" "hmm .. depends  on  what u say"  she grined , "ummm' ! u  look  so beautiful n  today  ur  very , I mean '. Ur  so sexy"  ram  closed his   eyes  to avoid her anger filled eys ..she  smiled , blushed  turned to red.. " thank you  ram  so  u noticed me uh.. !"  ram  was  surprised  to hear her answer.. " its  truly  difficult to  tackle women  n n especially u .."   they  smiled n  continued  rams  hand  moved  over her  waist she was comfortable  n felt  what he was doing  but acted as if she  was not  aware. ram pulled her close to him , his fingers  danced on her  waist, his   fingers tingled her. she  felt  nervous,and the closeness is  taking her to  different space..she placed her  hands amid'st their  bodies not to  touch each  others, gently  push him he  moved one  of his  hand on her back.  priya  was enjoying  each his move she  turned  fully red.she  gathered her self " ram please  dont embarrass me..   many  were here" " hmm if  no one is here , its alright. priya y don't u stop urself " " ram  please"  " hmm ..  ok .. let me tell u something..  never feel jealous  of  anyone .. i cannot see any one  expect u like the other way.. ur my love n will be my love.. u  can  never imagine how i  feel   standing close to u . u  look like a angel in white." priya  felt bad for her self  that she is not able to  be with the man she loves totally ..

Sid  and  ayesha observed this  from far . moving towards the  bar  they  colloid to each other.  Said  sorry  but  were fixed on ram  and priya.  Ayesha felt  like ram  rejected her. Sid made a plan to   touch  priya n  insult her. He saw  ram excused away  from  priya.he  asked her not to leave as he want to drop her home.  Sid had an opportunity he  mixed  half a glass of orange juice with  vodka.. sent to her  saying  ram  has sent her. She happily  tok and drank. She asked for  one more  '''.., she  drank   so much  and got talli .  

Ram on his way to priya , saw  sid talking to a group of people  about priya. " look  guys  that  drunken  cow  there is  ram's  girl .. mr . ram kapoor is  around that  down market  women" sid  laughed loud. " see guys  she is  fully  drunk .. in this  state  she will give a night stay to me  even .. I wonder how many   ram had  till now  so that he is around  herr  madly"  sid  saw  ram listening , all the  nasty  weird idiots are laughing about  priya in  a very  low  , cheap manner. " see  now  if I go near her she cannot  witstand  and fall to my  arms.."  he  himself  made achallenge  and walked towards  priya. Ayesha  over heard all this. This lady is observing this . rishub came and talked with  ram informing  the leacked sid's plan .  ram   rushed to wards priya  and   stood infront of  sid holding  falling  priya. She directly  landed on his  broad chest.  Sid had made a plan  to make priya trip  by the time he will reach there.

 Ram turned towards him , was angry on him " sid  what the hell ur  doing  to her..  learn to  respect others.." sid   who  was  drunk .. ask ram many  questions  about priya  " y r u worried ram, was she ur  wife .. no , was she ur  girl, u proposed her,  man u have a  nasty taste, many  hot  girls run around ur money  n u  '.. [laughing] was she  ur  b**** '"  ram  was  very  angry on the word..  sid  stepped forward to  hold priy a n priya  moved back and  was  about trip . neha n sruthi  came and  hold priya . sid  who  wanted to grb the opportunity  of  holding  priya while she trip  was  spoiled by  ram . ram  grabbed his  collar ' " sid  stay  away   from  her  I will rip u  to pieces if ur  shadow touches.  I came to  knw ur  evil plan, u are  so lame, crippled. I will forget  that  ur  a part of my fathers family   if u  harm her. U better know  what  ram kapoor is capable of.. if  she is my wife  I  will make people who are better than u as her pantryman .. U GET THAT"

she  came back to her senses when  ram  cuddled  close to her like a baby  adjusting his head in the crook of her  neck .  she  felt shivers but  his grip was  possessive and firm around  her  waist..

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