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They  looked  at  each other..  after 5 long  years.  They  can  see the  same  love  in  each  others  eyes. Rams  eyes  moistened  with  tears.  Well priya's even . they  stared at each other . when   ram  was  about to  talk. Rajath  came there. calling  priya.  She   fixed her  eyes on the  man  utterly handsome in the suit with  waistcoat. He is fit and  awesome. Ram's eyes fixed on her. He  know she is a mother. but not  sure of  who his baby was. He  knows  priya will never  abort his baby. Rajath came   encircled rams  shoulder

" haan there u go . ram this is  priya a  very  efficient  professor and  priya  this is'  
" excuse me rajath"  she  went  abruptly. 
"oh   man  y  was she  so rude  today  bro plz don't mind  she might be in  some tension. She is the one arranging all the things here"
 "ok " said  ram 
. " ram  she is single mother  works  so loyal she is my family friend too. Because of her only  I  became  normal  after jyo's death"
" u  take  care of her and her family?"
" priya  is  jyo's friend  and  so   been my  friend too  we  are a family now"  ram hugged rajath  for protecting and taking  care of his family  . his  love.. 
" am  proud of u my  bro"   priya is  seeing this  from  a  corner of the  corridor.  It  was  ram  her love and  her husband who cheated on her.

 She called a student to   invite ram  kapoor, she can't avoid  inviting him to dean's office  with a flower bouquet. She preferably avoided red and white colours, took a  bunch of  yellow flowers . ram wants to  talk to her. " yellow ' symbolises   friendship." priya  gave  a  bad  look to him . " I mean  . rajath  my wife  used to say  that .. yellow is for  friendship" .priya thinks, Ur  even  have  such a good sense, she only minds does the colour suits her or  not. . " haan .. yaar  priya  and jyothi  made me  wear a yellow shirt to a friendship day party  in the college u knw . was the  weird day in my  life but still I loved it all I did is  for my best  buddies."
"BTW I found  some one is missing their  wife." rajath started teasing  ram. " haan rajath .. I love my  wife lot  I can never forget my love". Ram  meant  was  priya but  priya took that  for Ayesha. Got irritated  but cannot  say anything in front of rajath . " rajath   if it is  ok   we  can  move  ahead to the  seminar.   If u  could  excuse me  I  will go  pick   riya  home she was upset  I came late last night too" . Attempt to  avoid  ram . rajath  asked  cady to  get her to  college , so that  after  seminar  she can leave home.

In the conference room ram  kapoor , was speaking with  the  students. He  was  on  focus , on the seminar.  Priya  sat  with the  other faculty .  finished her  work..  took a deep breath  looked at ram . he  didn't  change   a bit, was  same  as he was  few  years back  , handsome, stunning and  his  smile liked his  smile the most.  His eyes   they're  deep ,  ocean  deep  sorrows are buried in his eyes. y  ram  deceived me? is her  biggest  puzzle . her  love and  her   admiration on him is  never  reduced. Her  agony   it  was  doubled   as  he   met with new challenges  each day  of her life with Riya  '

Flash back

It  was  3 months  after  they   left  each other  at the airport. There  was  no  such  day they  forgot the moments they   spent together. They  dint  have their  contact's . none of them  do not  knw what  exactly  they  are in their  lifes.  Sometimes they  wanted to  ask their  sibilings abt   each  others details  but no  what do they  think of them ? made them  to pause. It  was  a  busy  day . ram  had an  appointment in a college. Was an interaction with the  students. Priya  was  busy in arrangement of the   interation secession  of  students  with a business man .  she  was  eager  to see the man   because she read many articles of the  man. he is a kind of  inspiration to   priya even . he is  none other  than   RAM KAPOOR.

Priya  was  running in the  corridor  with  her  phone and  ram is  approaching her   talking on phone.  Ram   was   not in a  mood that day to  take  a part in the  session . because his   thoughts  were  around  priya.  He  was there to  say the  authorities  his apologies.  On his  way   he  dashed to a women . her  phone   fell down  , seeing  her his   emotions  danced  , he    could not  show   his   excitement . his  heart  was   overflowing  with  joy .  she picked  up   her  mobile   looked at him  saying  SORRY . " HEY'..! Raam ..  I CANNOT  BELIEVE  ITS U"    " priya   .. how r u .. I mean u  here."  Both  are   utmost  happy  seeing  each other  after  so many  months. It  was,  they are living in  each other's memories ., priya rejected al the  marriage  proposals she  got  after meeting  ram. She know her heart won't accept any other except ram . Ram was not interested in any women to whom he was introduced to. Words   remained still , ram wanted to hug her and  show her h e craving for her al these months. Priya was about to speak  she saw her  principle  running  towards them .. priya  rushed to her  work  saying  " ram   don't leave the  college without telling me like u  went  last time in the  airport. I  gotta  go   if not that  old man wil come buzzing me"  she ran  away from there  looking at  ram   . principal came and  greeted ram . ram was lost in priya.  He stood staring at the  way  she went.  He enquired the principal  abt  priya.

In the conference room   priya   is on podium  addressing the  special  guest of  the  day.  She  never  saw him  just  reading  what is written in the paper  bluntly .   after she  announced the  name " the  ram  kapoor'  saw  her  ram  approaching.  She   was  surprised . he  came stood  beside  her.  " hello ms. Priya Sharma .. nice meeting u . Am  ram  kapoor"  she  managed a  smile .. " sir   please" she  showed the  way to podium to  continue his  interaction . she   went down  sat there listening to him. Lost in him . he  was her  friend , till that time  , but  he is the ram  kapoor.   He is so sweet n y  people quote him ruthless.  She  cannot  believe  that  Ram .. The ram kapoor is her friend . Murmuring of  students  disturbed  her. " look at him yaar  he is the  most eligible  bachelor, kash   he is mine . he is  so damn  hot man .  I would love to be his  girl." she  smiled to herself ..  thinks  yes  he is the  eligible bachelor  and  a very lovely  person  in deep. I  know it  ram .. oops  after  knowing  how can u call him ram priya ..  RAM SIR  SHE  CORRECTED.   He saw  priya , deeply lost in her  world  no actually his  world
She  heard  the voice  from  student's it  brought her back to   present'  " aww .. he is  so  handsome, I  feel like kissing him. He is married, I envy his  wife.  Another girl.. any girl  will never  dare to say no  to him  ,.. he is handsome and more over he is  rich. "last words  stuck to  her  mind. This is the reason ram  and  Ayesha are a pair.  Her  anger   winced on her  face.. Thinking. What a bloody charm he  spill on these young  girls. He is 35   now  , still manage to  look  charming  , handsome.  These girls  better know  ki he is  a father  of a kid.  Whatever y r u bothering him priya. He is  no more ur's and the girls talking  about his  wife , that is not u   but ur  sister Ayesha.  A tear  rolled down  her  eyes..  how  could u  do that to me   ram ?  she wiped her  tears.   Continued her  work . ram noticed it . 

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