Friday, 10 May 2013


Priya   was  full of anger.  She  controlled a lot  took riya to her  and  smiled hardly  and looked at ram   her  eyes  fulled with anger and were red.  Ram looked deep to her eyes. He could feel her  pain and  he looked at riya  who is feeling bad   that her mom is treated badly..  " beta yelo meri taraf se ..mumma ko dena"  priya  hold riya  so tight.    Ram pulled Ayesha n gave a tight  slap  

" ram  do u knw  who she is."  daiyijann interrupted  " ram . what r u doing.. biwi pe aise sab ke samne " " am asking u damn it answer me.. do u knw who she is?" pointing to  riya..  rajjath  and dayijaan was worried that this  angry  ram is  alien to them . for priya  smiled a bit  thinking my ram is a angry  ruthless business tycoon, u  could never control ur anger ram I could imagine the  impact of ur  hand's force on my   sister's face.. " dayijaan  am leaving  with riya  late hogayi.. rajath  bye..thanks for the dinner n will meet in the  college..  bye sir, bye mam" ram said  tear rolled from priya's eyes  calling her dear man  sir.. 
" ruko priya ..  Ayesha  spill it  who is she" rajath  asked ram to  calm down  but he could not it was the anger  he has  from  years.. "u don't knw this rajjath.." " job hi ho ram   clear it to urself   only u two" " what do u think  rajath she is my wife.. no she can  never be..  she  spoiled my  life" pointing to Ayesha. " do  u knw  who priya is.." " haan  she is my  employee and my friend .its ok   ram  Ayesha se galthi hogayi ,priya don't mind what Ayesha did"  ram   rushed to the  bar  and glupp half bottle of raw  whisky down his throat

priya  rushed there.. pulled the bottle out  from him  "enough  , ram.. sorry  sir  bohot hogayi"  ram  laughed out  loud..   "  rajath  my brother.. this is called love'  u know  why  she  stopped me. " he  hold her  close to him "u know why  because she still loves me"" leave me ram.. u have hurted me a lot  now leave.." with this  priya  got  free from ram." y  r u  running away  from me my love." " ram ur not  fine  ur drunk chalo  room mein"

He walked past to  Ayesha.. " BOLO AYESHA  priya  kaun hai' I  knw u cant say it. . brother  u u think I like Ayesha, I hate her.  But I love my wife. My  wife my love .. that is not  Ayesha. Yeah   bohot  bura  aurath hai. Patha hai .. jisse mein payar kartha hai , so called my wife is none other than ' [he  walked past to priya pointed to her] ur  employee.. my jaan  my  heart beat  for her.. she is my life  my wife. Haina priya"  he  moved to  Ayesha.. " rajath.. priya is  ayesha's  elder sister ..[ laughs] I knw  now u may think am a pervert.. right . yes  I am  .. a fool.. she fooled me .  I have cheated on the one  who trusted me completely , the  one who  left everything just for me, the one who is  then carrying my baby.. [ he cried out loud fell o

n the ground buried his face in his hands] haan riya meri beti hai" " priya  yeah  sab kya hai.. kyu ayi ho waapas  humari zindagi mein " said Ayesha " she did not.. it  was me ..  my   faith  made me meet my dear..  u stay  away  from my jaan n my life  iwill kill u "  ram answered.. " rajath u  send her away .. from dubai  I  cannot spare this culprit  around me" " dayijaan   am going  its too late and I have to go to college tomorrow"

riya  came along with cady.  Riya  ran towards  the  door priya  was surprised to see.. Riya  hug another  cute  girl  who is a mirror image of  her " I miss u a lot.. I thought u wil be  hear  for mumma's birthday y didn't u  come.. u and ur  rina di .pata hai  humme mumma ka b day bahut enjoy ki , cady didi ne mujhe  play station le gayi.. aur  waha na mujhe nahi dosth mil gaya..  come I will show u  my uncle..   riya pulled  her inside she  came infront of  priya. Priya  came down and  hugged the liitle girl.. " mumma I miss  so much" " I missed u too.."  priya   dragged  riya  to a group hug.. " ilove u both" .. her eyes filled with the  tears.. she  looked at ram..  who  can  complete this family ..  but  ram  stood  up unable to  realise if he is seeing it right or not .  Was this riya or nashe ki waje  he is   seeing  two riya's .

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