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PRIYA , CADY N RIYA reached  rajath's  house  a bit  early. Priya  straight away  went to dayijaan. Spent  talking to her. 
" priya kaisa chal raha  hai'"
 " ab tak tho  tik  hai dayijaan pata nahi ab kya  hoga" 
" kya  beta  what are u talking"
 "  chodona dayijaan.."
"priya  .. aaj tere liye  yek  bada surprise hai.."
 " bohot bada  toofan  saamne hai, aur kya  surprise baki hai dayijaan"
" beta tujse yek baath  karni thi' shadi  karlo beti"
 "  mein nahi kar saktha,  mein aaj bhi iss insaan se paayar kartha hu  woh meri baccho ki baap hai."
 " kab tak karthi rahogi tum, how long priya."
 " jab tak mein zinda hu tab tak i will only  love  riya's paapa.. payaar ek baar hi hota hai.. mein kisi aur ko accept nahi karsakthi..because am still in love with him" priya  has tears in her eyes.she dint even know that ram was there already to greet dayijan  stopped hearing the conversion. His eyes moistened too.

They  all sat in living room  and   rajath came and sat there  ram here is ur  surprise ..  he pointed to the door ..priya's eyes  became  blood shot  red.   Ram  turned around and saw  he frowned. It was unexpected unintentional, killing his happiness.  His jaws dropped. It  was Ayesha.  Ayesha  was stunned seeing priya infront of her eyes, perplexed when  rajath called her name " Ayesha ram kapoor' dayijan yeh ram ki patni hai. Ram is missing her  and I thought ki it is good we invite her too" "did a nice thing   beta. Bahut kubsurath hai.." Ayesha  started behaving so  well with  ram n  took blessings of  dayijan.  Just then riya  came there running with a bottle of oil paints running  away from cady. She hit Ayesha, Ayesha fell down along with  riya and the colour  fell on ayesha's saree and on her face, she  smugged all over her face  giving gaali to  riya. Priya and ram rushed there hold riya  on  either side. 

" leave her hand  sir"  she  pulled riya out of ram's grip ,priya  cheking if riya is alright.
 " am so sorry sir  riya ne aap ki biwi ka muh kala kardiya"
 " koi pharak nahi padta hai priya"
 " she is  so cheap and sedimented this fall cannot effect her" she moved away and ram walked behind  them dint even mind to  give a hand to  Ayesha 
" kaise aadmi ho tum yar, ur wife is on the floor" 
"oh  Ayesha get up  n  go freshn up" Ayesha tempestuous with  rams  behaviour went away  from there. priya took riya to cady's  room who  was crying because of ayesha's gaalis..  ram came infront of riya  
"beta y r u crying" 
" uncle aunty ko sorry kehana meri taraf se" she  hugged priya tight.. they went off from there. 
" cady  please  change  riya to some other dress". priya asked cady .


 Priya  was  not  sure why  ram behaving like this.  She got  a message from  ram every hour message is same 'PRIYA THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. AM WAITING FOR UR ANS'  she  felt annoyed with this. She went  straight to  ram's office. His PA  received her and directed to his cabin.  There was no one when she enter. Ram came  from her behind and stood close to her. She turned around hit ram n was about to fall ram hold her 
" so this is ur  answer? U want to be in my arms for the  rest of ur life"  
" ram leave me.. plz  leave" 
" I know u  have feelings  for me. I can see it in ur  eyes .. come lets  seal our  relation with a kiss"
 she pushed  him away.  Y the hell ram is behaving like this. 
" u know nothing about me ram.. my life is not that u think" 
"am alone with  everyone around me" 
" hmm''.. enough priya am talking about  future not the bodged past" 
" future.. what future ? with  me or my sister! U proposed me and  proposal for marriage is  for Ayesha. How do u think I trust u? am not sly ram to be ur mistress. What do u think u love me and marry my sister. What the hell u wanted to do ?"

 she continued her blabbering on and on he  pulled her closed to him   nailed her to the wall holding her hands firm on her sides. Closed the gap between them  trying to cool her anger with a deep passionate long kiss. " priya .. I declare I am married. N u r my wife I  sealed our relation with this kiss.if u still doubt me I will take a step ahead in our relation too .i always  loved u and will do  forever" he  moved his hands down her  waist, it  touched her  exposed skin he  came down her neck his hot breath tingled her body, when his lips about to touch her skin she gained back and She pushed him away" leave me ram" collapsed in the couch sobbing. He  sat  beside her placing an arm around her..   "I know u love me a lot, I don't understand where is Ayesha coming from. She is ur sister how could u think ,am  I so lame to marry a girl who is 10 yrs  younger to me. I love u priya ,maa wants u to be her bahu. Its u who belong with me. No one else" priya moved aside stood wiped her tears. " stop it ram .. what do u know? My mom is thinking that  aunty asked for Ayesha in marriage' I don't mind if u marry .after all am nothing n what u have done now has no meaning,  just be loyal to whomsoever u marry" she walked away  from there..

 Ram called his mother and informed  to start when he say. He went to priya's college and find her no where. "sruthi' where is priya?" " oh aap  ..!  u hurted her na.. how  long she will bear all this in her life.what right u have to hurt her. I only blame  god  for writing her fate with wrong people. I was happy all these days at least u are making her happy nut no u proved to join her mother and sister"" sruthi . plz tel me where is she" " is there anything balance to hurt her, ripped her heart to pieces. U have done it already mr. ram" " sruthi I love her .. I only love priya  plz believe me. there is a misunderstanding I need to clear it off and stand  by my love" " what''.!" Ram  explain everything to sruthi. And both sat in  canteen sruthi  unveiled the  secret  to ram. "priya is shipra's first born but never been treated as a human in the house  still she loves them work hard  for them  they  r allowing priya to stay in the house just because she earns. She is a champ, lady with a golden heart I don't understand y she spare them , if I ask she say just a thing  she is my mother n  my sister. Who mujhe paayar nahi karthe  tho kya hua .. I love them n papa  n kartik  loves me lot ' hmmm u know ram priya's strength uncle and karthik. Ayesha is so selfish and ungrateful.

 Karthik is the one darling to priya. She used to work  part time for karthik and Ayesha during her college. She stood first in the university in her masters. Her mom dint even cared abt it. Karthik took her to a nearby hang out spot  gave her a small treat  with his pocket money. Sudhir ji  has  no voice in his house. Shipra ji invited all society  people to in abig party to  celebrate  u know y .. Ayesha stood a 2nd  runner up in a college beauty contest n priya .. became a butler in her house. I asked her  many times y  her mother is so partial to  her . she does know the reason  but never let anything out.. ram if u can just give her all the love she deserve." "where  can  I find  her now" " there is only one place  she gains herself "

Ram  rushed to the place parked the car and walked along .he found  her  sitting  alone on a bench.HE  SAT BESIDE HER. " priya . I am  sorry " " no ram   y  r u sorry to me. am happy to be  apart of ur life  I was so happy to tell u my heart all the night , but my mom wants me to stay  away  from u. I  agree . am not  going to come  into  my sisters  fortune" "  don't be stupid this is just a misunderstanding I will clear it.. I am telling u that I have  no feelings for ur sister. All that is  imp for me is u. I love u damn it..i  really do , I want a whole life with u.i never felt this for  any other women in this world" "stop it  ram" " u  stop it priya .. I  feel  to hug u n  console ur insecurities  I  want to  make u mine alone " " no ram its not ur fault and mine" " just tell me do u love me"  " no .. ram " " look in to my eyes and  tell that damn it ""I ' I  don't.. no ram  please don't  force me" " just  tell it " "I don't ..  [ sobbing terribly fell in her lap] love u  so much  ram"  " I know it" " he  pulled her to his arms and  hugged her tight. " ram .. I will let happen what  fate decide's  for me"" I  will fight for u . I  just need ur  support" " am not sure"  he  sealed her lips  again  and  had a passionate moment moved down her neck   making her   feel weak  in his  touch.   " ram   leave me..  plz' this is our  bedroom we r in the beach" " oh  wow .. great progress u  actually sound  like my wife now .. so u do  feel am urs .. come baby lets go  I have lot to do " " what ' !  don't  hold me ,this close to u' I dint  say anything to u"" I  know ur  heart better than u"" uff .. stop it ram.. u  sound  too cheesy"

Ram  informed  kk to  start at home. By the  time  ram priya reached  kk was in  Sharma house.  Priya entered  kk stood up and  hugged priya tight. Shipra  eyes  narrowed  seeing priya nad ram coming together. " papa I have told u abt  orphanage  walla aunty,  aunty   papa.." introduced   shudir to kk they shared few  words. "priya   come here" her  broad smile   fainted as she heard her mom she   excused her self . ram was silently  observing all the people around his lady love. "  priya mein ne kaha tha na .. stay   away  from this.. it  means u stay  away  from  ram" "" maa I dint do any thing ram is my friend n  how did it  matter if he  was about to ask Ayesha in marriage" chup bilkul chup .. u  go inside n don't come out"  ram over heard all the conversation. He got an idea that shipra is behind all this. Priya went to her room. Ram  asked shipra  for water.  She  gave him. They  were talking. " priya kaha  hai" " ill call her" sudhir said.  " if u don't mind   can I  talk to  priya "" no issues  beta  that's  her  room" sudhir  pointed  ram  marched. He  noticed  Ayesha  following  ram on shipra's  signals.he went and  locked the  door.

Priya  turned back  and  saw  ram  standing  and  smiling " y did u open my  blouse  hook.. y r u here"" I  just  came  n saw ur  struggling.. ur my  wife n I just helped .. "  go  out  I have to change" "  may I help u" " plz ram get out of here' its not good if someone see us like this"  "oh  god  .. am here to plan my family" " what.! "  " chill I have to talk to u .. go freshnup and come I have to make few calls.  Priya  went  n  came . come  will go out all r waiting for  us.   Ram  joined with all priya  went to  kitchen. Served all the  snaks. Shipra  asked  ram  if  he  want to  talks to  Ayesha  he can.  Ram said  am ok . he  disclosed  nuts n  karthiks  love.  He  announced he  wanted to  get his sister marry  soon after 1month .  shipra  was too happy thinking  that Ayesha and  karthik r  related to  kapoors now. " I  am here not  only to talk  abt nuts but   for ur  daughter, sir  can I have ur  daughter  to be my wife" "sudhir  said  haan beta.. confusion  still  over him "  priya   stood up and was going to her  room  Ayesha was  so damn happy. " priya  where r u going " he  went  to her  made her sit besides  kk .. " maa  yelo aap ki bahu" " what.!"  " ram beta   no  she is  Ayesha   [pointing to Ayesha] "  " haan I know  Ayesha n priya  am  not  lame blind"" kk ji aap Ayesha  ke liye  rista  lekar ayi hu na" " Ayesha keliye.. no .. abhi bacchii hai woh  ram  se 10 saal choti bhi hai. Hw can I ask for Ayesha, hw do u think so.. I  asked for priya" " if that's the   thing  priya  ram se shadi nahi karengi   u may  go  out.. I told u na priya  u ll spoil my baby's  life"  priya  ran to her  room. " shipra  ji  we r  clear we asked  for  priya  where ayeha   came  ok  then u will soon  see what  Ram kapoor is n  I  swear  if u try to harm priya  I  don't knw what I will do' she is mine . agar  yeah  shadi  nahi  hongi tho nuts ka bhi nahi honge   I will  make  sure my sister  marry a rich  guy . I thought i can settle karthik   giving  him a company of mine n  a fashion hub to nuts..  REMEMBER  PRIYA IS   MINE"

Priya  came to senses   as she  heard  cady's  voice.  Cady and  riya   went down   priya  found her  dori  was   loosened. She  try  to  tie it.. she dint  notice  ram  came inside the  room and locked it.  Ayesha rajath, dayijan, cady n  pihu are down in the living.  He came near to her  and  tied her dori..  she  felt his space  around her  after many years. her heart  did not allow her to move a bit   ram  hugged her  from  back . entwining her  hands close to her   body  pulling her  on his body.  His  lips  touched  her  skin on her shoulder. The warmness passion is still the  same.  She  pushed  him away  " what the hell  r u doing" " priya  y  r u doing this to me.. and  riya" " stop it' don't  spell my  daughter's name through ur mouth.. what  have u done to me? dhoka'." She  continued  speaking   ram pulled her  and kissed her.  It was love she  know him   she loves him  she dint  stop him his  passion  went on and on  till he  felt to breath..  he  left her to  breath. " u dint  resist me , it shows u love me. I know u better than any one else.. I  was  searching for  u all these years..  I  found u  I wil not  leave u.. BECAUSE I LOVE U"  " BTW u  r  looking  beautiful in this  red and  black saree.thanku"

Ram  left  saying the  words.. she  felt  week  fell down on bed.  Cried her  heart out.  Washed her face  and went to the dressing table. She  found a  red rose n a white  rose.. she  knew it  it was for her ram might placed it..  when  ram arrived cady  placed a dvd the  song played is   " tumse mil kar  aisa laga  ''''." Rajath  asked ram " can I dance with  Ayesha.." ram nodded..  rajath took her hand.. priya  reached the  living   the  song   seems so  apt to them ' terimeri meri teri ek jan hai'.'  Ram looked at  priya.. went to her  bend down  to riya .. " beta can I  dance with ur mom.. mummy ka dance dekh hai aap ne kabi?""s uncle " " help me"  " priya'''"  ram extended hi s hand and riya  took her hand n gave to  ram . they  danced to the tune.. looking deep to  their  eyes.. priya's  eyes  fell on  rams  lips  her gloss is  shining on his lips " accha hai" " kya " " tummara gloss ka  flavour  cherry I think, its  sweet." She asked him to   clean it " my  lips  are chapped all these days  without the touch of my  darlings  lips. So  let it  be"  she  was lost  in him  completely  that  her  body   responded positively. He  brought her  close to him ..touching her bare skin on her waist.  song  came to  an  end . Ahead to dinner.

Ram sat n Ayesha  rushed to  ram's  side..  and  priya  riya  sat in front of him  his  eyes  were fixed on  priya. Ayesha  felt  jealous. " ram   ur  a lucky man  u know  y.. priya  never danced, but  she  gave in with u"  ram  smiled..  " aunty  dinner is  awesome  especially this   paneer masala.. its  so yum" " haan  beta  priya ne banaya" " oh  really  nice" ram  said. " cady pass on a aloo paratan  paneer masala"  "haan aloo parata bhi priya ne hi banaya.."" I like aloo parata so much" " hum ko bhi " riya added to  rams words.   He thinking[ beti kiska hai] they  al finish the  dinner' Ayesha  showed her attitude. " oh she is  ur  cook na priya .. right .. yelo   tumaara innam . mrs Ayesha ram kapoor ki  taraf se. .. " Ayesha  .. enough .." ram  shouted " aap ko kya ho gaya  ram.. she cooked  so  well  so am giving  her  money   that's it.. "  " if u  don't stop this  nonsence   I will kill u   Ayesha'''" rajath  felt  bad abt ayesh's  giving money to  priya.  Riya is  seeing this  ladies  rudeness.

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