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  still  the  flash  back'.........................

 The  morning  priya  got a message  from  ram , " am coming to pick u up.. plz  do wear   jeans n t shirt  aaj tumaari  chutti hai"  she  dint understand  what  ram  said  as usual she  went to get ready  for  her college. She  was in her room getting  ready. Shipra  banged her room.
"  priya  I want  money."
 " y .. ma ?"
" ab  mein tumme report dena  padega kya.. whatever  ayesha  ne  online shopping pe yek   dress order ki   uskheliye. Card do  tumara" 
" mera card ..  yelo .. waise dress kitna ka hai maa" 
" 15000 .. Ayesha look so pretty in that"  shipra went off exited ..
"  have u ever buy  me a candy  with 1. 50 ps  Ayesha kheliye tho  meri kamayi ka barbadi ..  chodo priya ..  ur  30 % salary is wasted on a dress this month.she heaved a sigh.  Ayesha and  shipra went to  shop with  priya's card .  ram  came there shudir thought   shipra and Ayesha were out. Ram asked for priya . shudir in a rush pointed out    her room to  ram

Priya dint lock properly. Ram tip toes to her room  and saw her  facing  her back ' he  remained jaws open.. priya wa  struggling with her  hook.  He  remained to gazing  at her  toned smooth fair back.  She  was done n turned back saw ram infront of her.  She came near to him  touched him if it is real or fake.  It was him. She called his name  
" when  did u come" 
" just now "
" what is this priya I told u u are going to college n u are on leave go  get ready in some jeans n tees.
 We r going out"   
"ram   but  y?" ram dint listen  n made her change.

She came out..  Ayesha  was so happy  seeing her pink  dress. which is delivered.  She tried it and  came to living area .  saw ram . priya came out " chale"  ram  smiled  looking at Ayesha in pink.
" uh ram how am i looking this colour suits me lot na" asked Ayesha .  ram had  no answers he is  about to  lol.  " yeah   ur  looking  very  pretty..PRETTY.. like a  Japanese  Barbie doll' .
Come  priya  will leave.. haan aunty   I will drop priya .
" maa I dnt like priya  being close to ram. I like ram he is so hot n  cool  rich bhi hai"
" arrey Ayesha ram tho  priya ka friend hai  bas aur  kuch nahi .  if there is I will be there to   crash it"

 Ram  priya  went  down  priya was  searching  for  rams car. He came in front of her on a bike  
" come  priya " 
" ram u on  bike .. must compliment u   u look ho..[ stopped]  haa. Han hansome  with this bike  hmm ram kapoor ka  dusra side"  
"  aur yek side bhi hai   no one ever saw it.    Do u  want to  see" he smiled..   
priya  sat on bike   if she  want to sit properly she has to  hug ram from behind as the seat is very high.  She hugged him  and he  took her  to golf club , shopping . lunch to  his office as he has  some imp call. His  office staff is surprised to  see the macho man  ram kapoor with a senorita. " priya  come.. in"   priya  entered his  cabin. Sat in the  couch. He  just  forgot  she is there in the cabin he was  busy with his  work  priya  gazing him . she  never saw this  ram. Businessman , ab itna bada empire manage  kiya tho aisa hogi na.  he  was  angry on his employees  for making mistakes. The  very next moment he  got a call from  nuts , then transformed to a  caring loving  bhai. 
" am sorry  priya  I had to  come here are u not  bored"
" no ram I understand" "  priya  u  look so beautiful in   loose hairs"  
" thanks  ram"  she  was  about to move  she  tripped he held her firm  by her waist. 
" sambal ke "  he  made his  hand move  on her waist to  catch a grip. " ram  I am ok ."    ram thinks . aww god kash    I  could hug her  tight and kiss her   she  smell  so divine n  her lips  are luscious  and inviting.   Ram finished his work.. took  priya to a   beach.. they  walked on the beach..
 " ram  .. golgappi" 
" eww no  .. not hygienic." 
" fine u  stare I will eat.. "  she was  enjoying the taste. N  ram  just  staring at her suddenly he  took one from her plate and try it. He  almost  made it  fall on him.  Priya took one kept it in his mouth and  helped him to eat .
 " ram''  
" don't tell me , u  want to  eat  gola" 
" no .. kulfi".. 
" no  way  ab  chalo " ..  they  went to   shopping  ram  bought priya   nice designer  top to  change. They  went to  disco. Ram  enjoyed a lot  for the first time ever he came with a girl  to disco. Soon  he  got  out   because priya is  uncomfortable..

Ram dropped priya  home after the  lunch  in the  beach  house.  
" priya..  y  dint u  ask   me"
" what .." 
 " y  I did all this today" 
" I know  ram  u wanted to  introduce me to the other  ram . the real ram right."
 " partly  right. I wanted u to knw   what am I !"    she  looked to his eyes.  He took her  hands  in his 
" I don't  knw  y  I  feel  u should knw  what  ram is  this is me , priya   that phase of my life ended  with  my student life.   I  went  back to  those  days , and bike I  always  wished to  roam  around with my girl .  it  was awesome day and u look too  good in the  dress u look hot in  saree that too  from  back  n  hook '.. " 
" ram  what   r u  talking"   ram   controlled  him 
" I  know am talking  rubbish .. but  this is my first time n  am  nervous."   He   whistled..  took her  hands to his hands 
" priya  I  am in love with u" the  words made  priya on  cloud  9 . the  words  she   is  struggling to hear.  World remained still infront of her.  That is what  her  heart  says. 
 " I don't  know  I can  live  without u  yar . I  almost   felt  I  lost u  when  u said  ur meet a guy , I never lie to my mom   I did because of u  I felt like I  have to do something to u.i will do anything for ur happiness, badle mein I  need u  for  a life. I only knew  how  badly I felt  wen  I  missed u  at  airport. I never  felt alone but   the  day I  met u again  in  the college is  like my breath  came back to make me alive.. I love u so much  marry me!" he  came close to her and the  lights of the  society   were off as  pre planned.. he  came  near and  kissed her forehead..   
" I love u lot priya"  priya's  tears  rolled  down her cheeks, she  hugged him  tight. Suddenly  she  released her  grip and  ran to her  flat..  and  soon she  was near the  stares  the  power  came.

Ram  went home  he  was  confused   abt  priya's  response. He  knew she  loves him  but y is she  not  allowing it out. He  collapse on a couch in the living .KK came  there.
 " maa .. y dint u ask me to marry priya  after u knw we r friends"  
" how  does it   differ ram  u  bluntly said no  long back"
" maa tab ki baath kuch aur and now I love her.  Maa I  can tlive without her. N  wen u asked me I dint  realise but  it was priya who  occupied my  heart "
 "I know ram I was just  expecting u to  listen to ur heart." Ram went to sleep . he was restless all the night. Me messaged priya ' I  spoke my  heart out, I  wanna see what u think of me' he  slept in priya's thoughts.. in her room she  collapsed into her bed.. 
 " ram u  should know abt me  before u take a decision .  I  fell in love with  again  today. I love u as a person  not  ur   name n fame.   Love u  ram  she  drifted to  sleep..

In the morning priya is  getting  ready to her  college . Wearing a  baby pink  colour  saree.  She was about to  go and  having her breakfast.  Shipra  receive a call from  .. it  was  from KK.  Kk do not know  about  shipra, her  loud nature n  about Ayesha. 
" hello" 
" haan ..  aap '  haan  ahsakthe hai..  kabhi bhi" 
" meri beti .. mujhe pata hai.. aaap ghar ayeye na" 
" tik hai  mein  rak thi hu" .  
" sudhir  sudhir' Ayesha '' Ayesha..  come out 
" maa kya  hua  kiska  phone"  priya asked 
" priya  tum beech mein mat ah.. mujhse bura  koi nahi hoga" 
" shipra  kya baath hai" suhir enquired...
Kk cal's  out  ram..
" ji  maa kahiye" 
" mein aaj  tumaara ristha  lekar  priya ki ghar ja rahi  hu" 
" maa.. aap  kya keha rahi hai" 
" haan meri baath huyi shipra ji se aaj priya ghar mein rahengi tho  mein   ristha pakka karke ati hu" 
 " maa I love u"

 Shipra is jumping and hopping in the  house  n priya had  tears in her eyes that her mom do not treat her  as her family. 
" sudhir ..krishna kapoor   ne call kiya' ram  kapoor ki  maa"  
" aunty .. y did she call maa"
" mein ne kaha tha na  u stay away "
 " sudhir mujhe pata tha ki ram  ko Ayesha  accha laga.. ki kk  ristha le kar  humaara ghar   ah raha hai."  
" AYESHA .. AYESHA . suna tummne   yeah  kya hogaya.. ram   kapoor ka  ristha ayi hai tumariliye' 
" haan  . !! maa.. ram   ..   ram want to marry me?? I cant believe it.." 
 " maa aap  pagal  hogayi  kya .. Ayesha   aur   ram ..     plz maa just think properly   what is  Ayesha 's  age and  ram's ..  there is  a generation  gap  between  both of them  maa plz  don't  spoil her life ma" priya said   
" tum chup raho .. priya  I told u  earlier  I  have only one beti.. that's  Ayesha. Haan kk ji  asked about u  , don't be  in house  when  am  talking about my   beti's  future"
 " tik  hai maa"     priya's heart  broke .  .ram proposed her , when  she want to tell him her ans  what has  ram done  paayar   priya  se and shaadi  Ayesha  se  ,woh   bhi  10 saal  chotti hai . I need to talk to ram . she message  him [ ram am going to college , can  I  have   few  min of ur schedule.  I  want to talk  to u   its urgent]  ram  was  confused ' [ priya , r u  going to   college? Then  come to my   office in  lunch time  will have  time to speak and  have lunch  together]

" mumma  .. mumma "  priya  cam to  reality ..
 "haan .."  
 " meri  home  work  hogayi.. aur   cady didi ka passage bhi" 
" priya ji   ab   aap dono  ready  hojayiye  hum nikalthe hai"   
 " mumma .. jaldi  ready  hona" ..  they  all were ready and  ahead to rajath 's   house  for the  dinner.

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