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priya saw ram on the podium, he was her  love , her man  she  stared at him  long. Memories were refreshing in her, indeed they were the most beautiful time of her life, all her life she faced so much hatred from her mother and sister. They treated her bad. She could not stand there and rushed out , rajath  asked her to  take  rest in his room.  She went and collapsed in the couch there, gazing at nothing initiating the memories that were taunting her.


When she listen the girls talking about him she looked at his utterly handsome  face. Her heart  said he is a charming man , her mind say  he is  a man  with good looks and success add's to his personality. She folded the mind vs heart conversation and moved to her   cabin. She collapsed into her  couch engrossed into  some  work . she heard  a knock at her  doors.. 
"yeah   come in .  just cut to the point  what  u want to say" she did even looked at who is  standing. She thought might be some student.
 "I want a 3D  from u   My D.  date, dinner, dance my  darling"  she  was shocked  to hear. She   winced in anger to bash the  person  but looking at the image smiling at her she  politely said  
" sir  U ..!  come inside  sir  please  be  seated . would u like to have  some coffee or tea sir". ram is  surprised to see the  change in her behaviour. .
" hey   excuse me '!  R u  teasing  me  priya? "  
" no  sir  I  mean  ram   sir  I am  sorry  for my behaviour  earlier I  called u by name..  so sir  what  would u like to have? Or  u  be in the  principal's cabin  I will.." ram  stopped her speech. 
" stop it yar.. am ram  just ram to u . cut the  formalities. Am glad  to see u again here and u  ,.. ur  behaving  strange ..  for me ur my  priya ..uhhh  I mean my  friend priya"  she  smiled  but  concealed her  smile in lips. 
" no  ram .. sir .. ur  the  ram kapoor .if not  sir ill  call u  MR. kapoor it's the  respect I give u"
" I  hate  my  friends  treat me like  a business tycoon.. if u  want to do so  then ur hurting me"
" I never wanna hurt u  mr.kapoor"   he  stood in front of her holding her hand. "  
"then  stop  being   formal  priya.. ur  my  friend let  our relation be like it was no  formalities.."  
" yeah  sure  ram.."

They exchanged their contact numbers. Days passed , their  friendship grew  older and strong. Their day started with  a lazy   mutual good morning , sharing all the  day happenings, teasing  , taunting, sometimes meeting. They  were  really used to each other. Sudhir sensed her  daughter is  different. She was never been so much  happy  as she was  after meeting ram.  One day sudhir and priya  went to  have  dinner in a  restaurant  which   is  beach side as shipra and Ayesha  were out of town.. Priya love  to be there. ram had a  meeting in the same place, he was moving  out he  messaged priya to knw if she can  come with  him for lunch. She said she is in the hotel with her dad. Ram searched around  found priya rushed to her priya  gulped  a glass full of water  seeing ram   marching towards he r she  tried by all means to  tell  him  not to approach.  
" hey  may I join priya"  
" hey  ram .. ! how  come u r here". she gave  a deadly look to  him, ram ignored her and sat along with them.. 
" hello sir  am ram  kapoor" 
" hello beta . sory  did I  knw u  I  have  never seen iu earlier  or  I  think I  forgot u" ram  smiled 
" no sir' am..."  priya  stopped him in middle.. 
" papa  yeah  ram , MD of  kapoor group of  industries..  and   our  would be  relatives"  sudhir  shocked 
" what are  u speaking. U planned to get married n ur  informing me  ? is this  something like introducing me to ur  husband ?"  
" uff papa aap  bhi na ..  became  just  so  frustrating and loud like mom .. what I mean I mean is karthik is  gonna marry ram's sister. I met them  in  uk  when i  went  for his  convocation . I met nuts too she is lovely girl."
" hello  madam  am here .. too"  
" haan papa  ram is my  friend.. I met him there in  uk through  karthik and nuts."

Their  friendship grew  older as  sudhir  ji is  one familiar  with  them ram   started  dropping  priya  home  daily. She never invited him to her  house. She never spoke anything  of her mother or sister. Priya  was  badly upset  one day. She asked  ram to drive her to  the  children orphanage nearby. 
" oh.. god  don't  tell  me priya  ur  to  social service too" 
" its  true  it  gives me peace"
" y do u prefer to  sound like a alien  sometimes" she  smiled and was deeply in thoughts. 
"ram  can I expect  u to join me there.. I mean if ur ok" 
"yeah  sure but  I dnt want media to cover"  smiled  at  ram  
" so shall we"  
they   went inside  priya  had a cute  rose bouquet   from a  2 year  old  girl..she hugged her and took it. And then as she  walked she had a  group of  kids stopped her ,pulled her  down all hugged and kissed her.
 " oh  god  I  wonder  aunty is  here!  Ram come  I have to introduce to my  very good friend. All my  life I  received   much  solace  from her especially this day"
 priya  rush to a huge  hall  decorated , lots of  candles  and  a huge  cake.. and a  lady standing  in front surrounded by many children.  Priya  left ram  behind and rushed to  her aunt hugged her.  Ram  eyes popped to  see the person  hugging priya he  turned  away from facing  them  looking at the  image " ram  ur  finished .. priya ! y have u  don't this to me .. ram  mano ki today u will take ur last breath well al the best ..  wait a min  ram  .. so she is ur  secret enemy ..  one ur  liking the most   is the  one u  felt jealous when she was  praised .. well priya hai itna sweet." soon he heard  
"raam.. Come here.."   
"Arey yaar   raam  Phas gayi  why  don't  someone  shoot me alive  like this man .."

"Hey priya  are u  alright" the very familiar concern filled voice hit her years. It was  rajath.  
"I saw u   moving out of the room."
" Yeah  am ok rajath   just  AHH.. might be  migraine head ach" priya's  thoughts  are lingering around  ram  and her blissful past'

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