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Priya sang lullaby to make the little princes sleep. Ram came in he stood near the door observing her, he stared at curvaceous outline of her body lying side wards facing her back to him. he felt aphrodisiacal, he felt tempted that too after the intimate encounter. He reached to bed side sit beside priya, she made riya sleep proper and sat resting her back to headrest. caressing riya who hugged priya’s legs in fear.ram is staring at her, he can see a mother in her. Few min back she is his lover now there is no hint of that lover in her. she smiled seeing him “what were u looking at?” she said in low voice not  disturbing her princes. He nodded his head negative. She took his hand to her lips and kissed.
 “ram bed in that room is big  will go there, carry riya I will bring pihu..”

they went to  room made kids on bed. Ram and priya came either side of kids. riya hugged priya more. Priya patted her back. Pihu is sleeping carefree with open mouth. Ram felt pihu’s leg kick his chest. Her position is vertical to bed . ram  and made her in right position but pihu this time kept one arm and one leg on ram. “ram  pihu will turn round the bed in sleep it will be difficult for u..” priya spoke caressing the kids. ram smiled “ my baby,[kissed pihu] no problem I will manage.” priya is observing ram and pihu cuddled to each other sleeping open mouth.the perfect site she can ever have. life is changed a lot ram, those days were fantastic, she slowly went back to the memory lane .

Ram and priya sat down close to each other on the couch. There is some silence between after the confession.
R: lo .. u dint have  your dessert na. . In fact I want to share it with u  but that Jackie spoiled it.
P: so,  u even dint have it. I know u wanna give a bite but that .., any ways  we can have it now. Leave it.

R: well, the desert I want is delicious than anything, I had it prior to dinner and the taste is still lingering on my lips, it would be great if I get another pointing to her lips slowly bent on her to capture her lips, she kept her hand on his lips and kissed the hand and  pushed him back. He looked at the chocolate smudge on the edge of her lip. She asked him what?, he want to lick it off he went close to her lips. She licked it off. her pink lips and the tongue is teasing him, he whispered on her lips “plz let me taste my desert”. He closed the distance between their  lips, she gave a quick peck and pushed him back said “be a gentleman mr. ram ”. Ram circled his arm around  her dragged her little close  she entwined her fingers with his, leaning on his shoulder.

“can I … talk to dadi and maa now” asked priya.
Ram called them  she  cried talking to them. Ram took her more to his arms and consoled her. she cried on his shoulder.
“ do u missed me  like I missed u” she asked him
“ yes, I do . I dint feel like going to india alone but it was dadi and when I was about to tell u  hmm … leave  it .i was upset and went.” Ram heaved a sigh.
“am sorry. I cant see anyone around u . [she hugged him , playing with his t shirt] I missed u a lot, plz never leave me. I cant live without u.” she felt pampered in his presence.
“ me too priya.” He said satisfied as if this is what he was carving to hear. Both enjoyed each other’s presence in silence for a while.

“ram … we will get married soon..  very soon please” she was demanding.
“ accha. Someone is so egar, but have to talk to our elders” he tried to be naughty but  she is serious.
she clasped his t shirt tight at collar…… “ no ram plz don’t tell to my mom n Ayesha. They will be on duty to spoil my life please ram . I want to be with u all my life . please..”
“ we have  to talk to our parents priya, my family .. u know how dadi n maa wanted me to get married”

“wahi tho mein keh rahi hu.. we will get married soon”  priya said .
“how come there be no one of my  family am the first son damn it”
She stood up and walked to her room with no response.  Ram called her she dint reply. what the hell is this attitude both felt annoyed.  She feels sad to his reaction and takes it as an excuse to avoid wedding.   she is scared to sleep in that room alone as they both were seeing a horror movie. After a while he came inside and saw her sleeping. Soon he switched off the light she screamed out loud. 

She is scared. She asked him to stay there in her room it self. He hesitates thinking this wont be good. But she is panick so he pulled a bean bag sit beside her withhis laptop. A while later his concentration is distracted with her talks in sleep. He smiled for what she said. it was abt their marriage. She is asking him to marry her and then touch her as his wife, he understood that she was dreaming about him he blushed seeing her came near to her kissed her forehead and opened the box on the dressing table which dadi gave to her. A red saree, some jewelary , sindhoor, payal and mangalsutr. Now he got to know why she was been an adamant to marry him soon. He kissed her hand , covered her fully with duvet and walked off the  room.

Ram is unaware of her sudden change in her  behaviour. She felt  he is  her’s alone. she walked confidently in a slim fit shirt and a pencil slim fit skirt  and high heels was looking dashing in the outfit. He eyes are struck on her all the day. She entered to ram’s cabin and started discussion of their new project. she knows  his reaction when he noticed her.  she opened the second button of her shirt before entering.   She stood up walking too and fro, was explaining him  about the project when he looked up his jaws dropped to the view. She flaunted herself to him, his eyes were on her firm curvy back. She turned around , his view moved up to her bosom. She is rubenesque,  she  came forward to ram’s chair leaned towards him to show the details of the project in the file. He is tensed that he may be caught as he could not stop himself from seeing her milky cleavage. She saw him staring at her, women inside her felt honoured and blushed.

His hands reached to switch off his close his office hides. She asked him about the project but he is talking about her.  she leaned back to his desk besides him talking about the project, while he is busy scanning  She took some water while drinking she intentionally acted as if the  water fell on her.  he soon got some tissue wiping the water on her shirt was touching her wet skin.  She realized what was he doing  when he tried to cup her curves she  hold his hands and stopped him, took the tissue from his hands and started wiping the wet path on her shirt moving the collar aside, he widened his eyes at the  beautiful  sight. she kept her hand on his eyes. In seconds she  found herself  sandwiched between ram and wall. It was unexpected, she heaved a deep sigh.

“what were u upto ?  darling, u r testing me” ram said naughtly.
“am … uhh… pro…project .” she stammered  being caught by him..
“ oh .. haa… project  tell me now I could not  hear u” ram looked into her eyes.
“ am not interested now.. will meet up later to discus project work.”
“ am ur boss..  u should do what ever I say!” he said authoritatively.

She heaved a deep breath.. “hmmm…” moved a little further close so as their  lips are inches apart. She cupped his face saying. “ur the boss so!” he gapped his mouth, she draw her nail along his jaw line through his rough beard to his chin and closed his mouth.  She touched his lips with her finger tips.  She passed her finger down his neck to his chest. This is really very seductive, her nail is gently causing  him  pain  and making him week. Ram closed his eyes wanting her to do  what ever she wants.. she said in a low voice.. in his ear “ shall we…….. continue.. ..” .. “ yes..  it is on the top priority”  ram said feeling her fingers fiddiling his buttons and her hot breath and unquie aroma.
“ haan ..we have to finish it of by this month, have to work on it day and night” priya said.. 
“ are u sure day and night..  great” ram is exicted…

“ yes offcourse if not how can we finish the project” priya said..
“ PROJECT!!!”  ram  came out  from his sweet short imaginations.
 She walked away and her heal hit with carpet  she was about to trip he protected her from falling on flore caught her by waist as both cannot balance each other and they fell in the couch with ram over her. it was an awkward position. They both laughed out loud..  suddenly  the door is open it was Jackie. She saw ram and priya  and was awestruck  Both ram and priya dint notice her. ram caught her hands and pinned her,pushed himself on her and she felt him hard on her said..
“ this is what u have done to me”  he said.

“ what do u think would be my state! After this…..” priya stared to his eyes..
“ baby please don’t do this to me. I …I cannot resist u darling..” ram pleaded while she gave him another seductive look biting her rosy lips.

Before priya answered him there is a knock on the door.  Both saw Jackie. They felt embarrassed  to be caught. Ram shouted on Jackie to ask him in intercom while coming in to his cabin. Jackie  cried in her cabin. Priya went to her.  tried to console her.  priya told her every thing what happened with her and ram.  she listened to priya and slowly walked away  continuing her work.
 In the evening when priya  and ram was abt to go. Joe came and asked ram and priya to join them in their wedding shopping that week end. Ram looked at priya who  did not respond . he smiled and said yes.. and drove back to their apartment.

“ u go  am not interested in the wedding shopping” priya  said
“ arrey common, priya they were our friends  we have to go.. don’t worry I will be there for u na u wont get bored , and anyways we will also buy new clothes for their wedding”
 She looked apart through the window thinking… ‘When will we get  married , all my  trails are wasted.. and this ram..uff.. .. no big deed common  priya try harder…. Y is he nagging this topic.  How can I tell ram am worried of losing him. something is making me restless…’ she continued to look aim less through the window.

Priya felt something is moving she opened her eyes found ram  standing beside her bed.  she asked him what’s the matter. He could not say yet managed to mask as need for water though there is a bottle of water beside his side of the bed.  when he was about to turn  she hold his hand made him sit on the bed, gave some space for  ram to  sit beside her.  he went and sat on the edged of the bed. riya started murmuring out of fear..

 “mumma papa..” priya took her to arms.

“she is like me, very coward, some times I feel like god has sent  pihu to  be riya’s support. Their relation is so sweet. Can never win  pihu if I say something on riya. Riya .. she will not fight but will strike against me. most  time they will win  me with their cuteness. My little angels..” priya said being a proud mom

Ram circled his arm around her shoulder, she rested  her head on his shoulder looking at him. ram questioned through his eyes what. She smiled.

“ raam..  some times i used to feel how nice it would be, if my sister share such a good relation with with me!  today we might not have this day.. am sorry ram!  am sorry for what all u missed” a lone tear passed down her cheeks. He felt the warm wetness on his shirt.

He kissed her forehead, “we are together now, forget the past. I could imagine  how difficult it was for u to manage two kids. my desperation of fatherhood is nothing in front of the responsibility and the pain u had throughout alone. The fault is mine, u faced this all for me and my babies I know it.” he said.
“ priya..  mein …   I want to ask … u “
 “ pihu  riya.. or riya pihu.. I mean who came first?” ram asked with  lot eagerness and embarrassment

“  pihu,. came out first and 4 min badh riya. Haan aur ek baath.. twins hai… but I fed riya first. Nurse gave her to me first. She is  very hungry even before she finish  drinking nurse took her away, nurse gave me crying pihu I fed her.after pihu gave milk to riya again.riya’s is big tummy used to drink lot pihu used to drink very less.  They are very understanding .  Both were not hungry at same time..its different, all my pains vanished the moment I took my tiny bundles to my hand..i can’t explain u the moment I need u the most  to share my happiness..they both gave me hope to live without u.. I cried alone ..i know how desperate I was to show u ur babies. Wanted to see the surprised expression on ur face seeing two girl babies. U dint know I was bearing twins na…” She smiled..

“ suckle! .i mean . did u fed them? Breast feeding?” ram asked  in low voice,unsure if he could ask or not.
“obviously, what sort is this question. I could only feed them 4 months. I became fat eating lot.. if I have to feed my babies I have to eat lot. even then I could not have enough milk.”
“how did u manage?”
“dayijaan , jyothi haina. Jyothi helped me a lot. she gave  me the responsibility of cady and rina too”
“don’t worry they will be with us.” Ram assured her. they were silent for a while
 “ priya I love u ..… good night” she stopped him when he was about to move.

“raam… please stay  close to me. let me feel ur presence. I feel like I was dreaming u, please hug me till I could sense this is reality …”
“you said what I was about to ask” he smiled.
priya moved aside and making place for ram. ram took riya in his arms  priya adjusted pihu beside her.  ram made riya sleep on his belly.  Both lay  close to each other  cuddling in bed feeling each other and their babies in their arms. Ram dosed off to sleep priya  too drifted to sleep watching him.


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