Friday, 10 May 2013


She covered her little angels   properly placed a kiss on their head n went to  open the door 'It was a man  holding 3 yelow tulips in  front of his face. She clearly knows the face behind the flowers.  She was angry on him that he took lot of alcohol. She feels it was her who is responsible. He could not spare any damn if its priya his love.
"ram  y  were u here. N rajath   y did u helped him to come over here." 
Rajath tried to  explain   but  ram  dint not let him finish.
"how nice! I  need  someone else help to  come  to the  place  where my wife my own kids live hey heloo  madam shall i ask ur  permission and  come in"  ram  stood  firm in attention knocking the  wooden  door twice ram  asked " may I come in madam"he  was angry  he  cleared priya  off his way    pushing   her away  by he shoulder,  barged into the house. Priya invited rajath inside.
 " rajath my angel  come inside  mera  hi ghar hai."
Ram declared it.  Rajath  smiled  looking ram priya   priya is  completely  annoyed  . rajath was still not able to  ask priya if this is true or not . if  he interfear  he is  scared  it  will a Prosecution or a pursuance. He  was  troubling harder with  his mind  if  can ask or not ?

" I  know what u want to ask me. yes   this is true ..  ram is my .. pa..{was about   to  say  pati  but  seeing  ram  's  total  concentration on her  to hear the word she  stopped.}.  ram eyes were fixed on  priya and waiting to hear the word  but  disappointed. Priya  stressed the word " yes  ram is my past"."priya where are my peehu n riya I know   their  names are riya n peehu right."        "excuse me they r my  kids ram get away  from them "priya  warned him  .rajath  saw the  situation is  heating  up it  bespeak he should leave.. He  asked priya if he can leave  she assured him to handle ram.

No discussion continued, soon  ram  went to see his kids.  Crawled on the  bed and kissed his two  cute little angels. Priya stood seeing the  most beautiful scene. Her eyes  moistened thinks[ this is  what I wanted badly  from years ram my kids n their  father , y  our  lives distorted ram y is the thing I can't tell them u r their  papa. They r ur  flesh n blood.]  he turned to  priya came near her cupped her face in his hands. she is  lost in the  dark tearful  eyes.  The  very  question she  expected  came the  moment. " y did u took away my  happiness. They r my  princess .. the ram kapoors daughters." 

He hugged her tight, priya patted his back , hugged him. After a long time she is back in the place where she belonged. Tears rolled down each other  eyes. She  initiated to speak. It  was hard  for her  too  she  don't want to  disturb him  more.. decided to make him  sleep -"ram  they r sleeping come ram  will go to other room, u  too need to sleep now". Ram adamantly shook his  head  No  looked deep to her eyes n said "can i  sleep there with my kids.."  "ram  please  this bed has no  enough  space ".  He  looked around n took a chair near the bed " this is enough priya  all I  want is  to  admire my  babies plz." "please  ram . come with me". adamant ram  dint  wanna move an inch from there.  priya had no option if the kids wake up  she has to   manage 3 unique pieces of gods creation once.

" ram  listen to me.  u sleep in my  room come.. its  very hard to make them  sleep again  if they  wake up " " don't worry I will manage priya I will make them sleep". Priya had no  other option  to make ram agree.. she  circled her hands  around his neck caressing his hairs, like she used to do whenever she needs his time all for herself when  they r happy  in love before their separation.  He  was staring  at her .this was the same lady and her love is the similar it glinted in  her  eyes. " ram  we r going to the other room ,  let  my brave kids sleep peacefully"  he  try to explain her " priya'.!"   Before he  complete ,  she  asked him again  those words which  can  make  ram docile to  move to the other room. "  can u  give me some time to heed  u  ram." He  could not  say any word beyond.  Her  fingers in his hairs , her  perfume is intoxicating him. He  ceased, he  gently nodded his head in yes.

  She took  him to  another  room took  off his  blazer  , tie and made him lie in the bed. She  turned back  and  was about leave.  "priya  .. please be with me .. here  with me .am  so alone priya .u know how I hate to be alone .ur not there beside me and so I adapted loneliness but now  please be with me.." she  cannot move away  from  his  words. Looked at his face,  sat on the bed. Took his head in her lap caressing his hairs. Ram  slowly   closed his eyes. Priya placed a kiss on his fore head.

" I  can't see u like this ram. Y  are  our lives  distorted  y  did u took a lot of time to  reach me? do u  have any idea how badly I missed u ,wanted to be in ur arms" tears  fell down her eyes. She place  ram's head on  the bed . was about to  move  from there,  ram blabbered in the  sleep "I need u priya .. I love u ..  be with me  am  missing u lot " his fingers remained  entwined with hers.. priya  adjusted herself in the  same quilt he  came  near her  cuddling her she too turned towards him .. "I still love u"  she  stared  at him who is innocently  sleeping..  staring at  ram she was  back to her  memory  lane years back...

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