Tuesday, 7 May 2013

chapter 4

Priya tried all the  years  to forget ram but she could never do that.  rajath came  to the staff room to inform her that the  seminar will be  after two days. As his friend who is a youngest tycoon has some other work. Priya smiled on the word "youngest tycoon" she used to taunt ram.
Later in the evening priya went out with cady and  riya. Riya is a foodie like ram.  They went in to a mall to find out some clothes  for Riya for her birthday. Priya  best  stress buster is  RIYA, Her chatter box.  This is the thing  that proves her as priya's daughter, rest all went on her father. Bahut  bhook lagthe hai. She is a foodie too. Why not  after all she is a Punjabi. Ghee, butter, pastries ,haan aloo parantha and many more.she like to try  different  food items. " maa am hungry"  priya  and cady  laughted. ''Arrey priya.. !  isse  kitna bhook lagthe hai. 1 hr back we had snaks and came " 
" haan  tho  aap  ki tarah nahi hu mein  .. cady didi" 
" Riya  watch  ur manners , di  tum se badi hai .. say sorry" 
" sorry cady didi" 
" its  k  " 
They Spend good time and returned home . priya  made  cady  study,  Riya  got instructions not to  disturb  cady.

Next day Ram arrived, he checked in to his hotel. He settled there. He was free in the evening went to the mall. Cady's  test is  finish. Riya and cady  went to  playstation in a big mall. Ram went to the  mall too. The same  place  has  purchase division too . ram went there to  see  a play station  for  ram and ridzy [ vikram's kids]  Riya and  cady  were playing 2 player game. Cady is  winning all the time and  riya is  very upset. Ram saw both of them .  ram  came near to Riya. 
" heloo" 
" aap  kaun " 
" mein  ram "
" oh ..!  ram uncle ur  disturbing me. aap ki waje mein phir se  haar gayi"
" sorry beta,  may I help u "
" y  u  will help me.. aap hoti  kaun  ho "
" ok .. we can be friends  to defeat  ur did" 
" haan  beta.. chalo  hum dono yeak team hai" 
" ab deko cady didi "    ram and RIya are a team and  cady on  other side ram and riya  won the  play. Riya  was very happy   she   jumped in his lap and hugged ram tight, kissed him on his cheeks.
 " ram uncle aap best ho .."
 " tumaara naam kya hai  beta.." 
 " riya"   he repeated  riya'? she left leaving ram behind watching her disappearing frame.

Ram  took riya and cady  many  chocolates. He  felt a strange feeling  meeting Riya.  Suddenly   riya nudged cady . they  said  aq quick bye to  ram and left. He felt very sad.  Riya  made him think , if  priya is with  him he might  have  had a daughter like  Riya.   He felt a hand on his shoulder  turned back  and  with a broad smile " haan brother .. after a long time"  both hugged each other.  They  spent time with each other they  moved on .  cady and  riya reached  home . they were silent, as they  were hiding  from  her.  Priya went busy in preparing her class.  "priya  madam , there is a message  from rajath  uncle..  he asked u to be  an hour  before to  look after the a arrangements.

In the morning.  " mumma good  morning"  priya  kissed her on her head ,.. 
"gud morning beta." 
"mumma aap itne  jaldi  tayyar hogayi"  
"haan  riya   u took  get ready soon beta. Will go to   college first mumma ko  bahut kam hai  aaj  bahut bada seminar  hai   college mein . u  cady didi  will go to  school  from there 
"mumma aap yeh  pehanenge" 
" haan  iss  dress mein karabhi kya hai"  riya  took   a  red and black  sari's placed it in her  hands. 
" meri mumma best dikhna hai,  I  gave u  choice  too. Am going to get  ready  late math karna mumma  get ready  soon" riya  left  to get  ready. She came out  saw priya took red sari 
" bilkul baap pe gaye hai ".. riya pulled priya  down, hugged her and kissed her..  
" love u mumma . ur  world's beautiful mumma  ko  kisi ka nazar na lage.. she took  kajal  and  kept tika at the  back of  priya's ear..  priya 's eyes  become  wet hugged her tight .

 Priya and riya went to college priya became busy in arrangements.  Cady and riya  was about to leave from  college. Riya  met  rajath and  ram.  Cady and riya behaved as if they do not  know ram  infront of rajath and they  rushed. Rajath  had a urgent call and  directed ram to  his  cabin. Ram was thinking why the hell the kids  behaved as they  do not  know him. Riya ,..made  ram think of his kids again   he  moved  forwards thinking , who would it have  been  BOY  OR GIRL .   any one might be of  riya' s age. Wil be like me or   priya.   Many thoughts  came to his brain.   Priya   was running  in the  corridor  talking on a phone  instructing  students about the  seminar. 

"ouch  am sorry "  came  from  both the sides

Unknowingly they   dashed into  each other. When  priya is  about to   fall  ram  caught   her from  falling.  Ram  stood still . priya  picked her files and  phone . fixing  her  phone she saw the image  stood in front of her in black  suit  with  waist coat , white  shirt and red tie. The  way  she loved ram .   she  can  hear  only one thing  from the person  who  perplexed on seeing her with  tears  in his eyes..
" priya"
 " ram'''."

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