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Character prologue


 A youngest business tycoon, ruthless , arrogant, stubborn and  intelligent  to the  world  but  to his  family  he is  loving , kind , beloved ,caring and  protective man . In short   ram is  a  family man  who was married to  a woman he met accidently . This ruthless man fallen  head  over heels in love  with her . He is a  one  woman's man . His lady love is   Priya.  Ram was 3o  when he married Priya.

FATHER ' Amarnath Kapoor Ram's mentor, guide. He is everything to Ram. Dead

MOTHER ' Krishna Kapoor , a teacher . Her profession is her passion. Loves her family


Apeksha  - Ram's  first  sister. Very simple, beautiful .She loves  ram  so much   for her  brother  is her mentor. Joined her father's business after her MBA  from  London . She takes  care of  ram's  business in Australia she  stays there with  her  husband .

 Natasha -

 Ram's second sister . she also   loves her  brother . she was  pampered  by  ram  so much . stubborn girl was married to  karthik . passionate  of her  work  which made her  stand  her  one  among the top most fashion designers in india.


' He  did his   MBA .  joined  ram  after his  education.  He adore  his brother  respect  him  so much . mothers , dadi's caretaker and bhabi's  dear dewar.  Charming guy.

 Ram  has a  loving  family .  Their happiness is  always disturbed by  few  people

Niharika  -  cousin  of amaranth. She loved   mr jayesh  karekar    and  left the  house.  But later  she found her priorities are  fulfilled only  by money  returned to her  marital  home  leaving  her husband. By then her parent died .  amaranth took her responsibility . Krishna treated her as her sister. But  niharika and her evil  brother enjoyed the privilege of being kapoor 's . they were addicted to the rich  life style. Unfortunately she met with an accident .she made amaranth promise her kids  siddanth and ishika will  be kapoor . she asked him to  take care of them


Siddanth : He is a copy of  his mother, clone of his mama in evilness.  SPOILT BRAT.  He never  cared for anyone. He is always around   women. He a big Casanova.  he hates priya  as  rams wife. He hates PRIYA as ram's wife. he is mentally ill  , once he tried to  molest priya in a party   before her marriage.  After the marriage he was after her sister . he is  raging in anger to take revenge of the slap priya gave him in front of everyone.
Ishika : A  duplicate  kapoor  she  was married to Adi  , son of a rich  businessman.  She got a huge  firm  from ram   as a gift of her marriage.  She is the owner of the firm. Helps her brother in his  evil things not less trouble to kapoors


Very  pleasant, sensible , beautiful , happy go lucky  lady. She never cared about the negligence she received from her mother , was overwhelmed with the  support  from her father and brother. Profession is  a  ASST.PROFESSOR in a B school .  She did her HR management and was a gold medallist. She was also interested in social work she was always been a support to NGO'. Ram is her everything she agreed Ram's proposal not for his riches. She is deeply in love with him , she respect him a lot. She was  28 yrs old when she married ram. She loved ram's family as her own .sid was her headache always, she punished sid for his attempt to molest her in the party which she attended with her friend sruthi.

Sudhir  sharma. ' A engineer who took voluntary retirement. He is very fond of literature and  fine  arts. For him his  priya is  a world she is a darling  to the man . may be his  gene's that  priya likes literature and fine arts. He taught morals , love ,maintaining relations with  harmony to priya . he off course has no  voice in his house because   the lady in his life.. uff she is a mystery  unveiled ever.

Mother :

Shipra -  I already  told u  she is the  reason of  mr. sudhir's silence.   She  was  sudhir's classmate in engineering. Unfortunately, by chance, or may that the judge is blind  she  is  ex miss bhuwaneshwar. That made her  feel she is a doll. In addition shuidhir's proposal made her feel she is the prettiest human ever on earth. May be she was the mistake of his life. The lady is hyperactive and very  hyper of her  beauty. She behaves to be a idiot. She is as  such  priya took a step to bring up her sister and brother. Priya was her daughter well educated, was a in respectable position still she neglected her a lot the fact is  she bore priya first in her womb.


 Priya's brother.he  adore and  respect his  sister  so much . he learnd  to  be independent  from his sister.  Priya  helped him a lot all his  education. he  was so close darling to priya. Fallen  for the  rich  stubborn  girl  Natasha. His  love and  priya's nature brought  her to realise the true   value of family.

Another  beauty  sick  , brainless idiot . he is one of shipra's kind. In fact  she was spoilt  by shipra.  Was pampered by shipra a lot. She is selfish. She never cared for anyone except her. She  is   capable of anything. Above all she will have the support of shipra. Priya did lot to her  but Ayesha never even identified her love.  Was a model by  profession.CRUEL, EVIL , AND  SELFISH IS HER MIDDLE NAME.

VIKRAM N  NEHA:  Ram's friends.  These two had a close association with  ram and  priya.  Vikram works with  ram. Faithfull friend.  They r like  family to  ram. KK treats neha like her own bahu as vikram is her  another son. Neha  and priya's bonding is soon been so strong  as ram and priya. All four are really good friends.

I  knw it may be similar to  balh in some parts  but i wil try  not to make it so similar. . Am  really not able to  go  out of the names which are in balh .  SANAM BEWAFA is a tragic LOVE story.

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