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Ayesha is done with her shopping and was still in rajath's house. Rajath gave her tickets and informed her its Ram's orders she has to leave soon other wise she has to bear the expenses. She called india to make it clear if anyone knows abt priya, to her good fortune Ram dint inform anyone. She decided to talk to priya as she has another 48 hrs in Dubai.

Ram was happy for a day with his angels. Soon he locked the door both came and hugged his legs. He lifted up in arms and sat in the couch one on either side. Kids circled their tiny arms around Ram,he felt happy and confused. One question taunted him what's next?. It was his first day with kids has no experience of baby sitting. He should have asked priya! When he is in deep thoughts fights started ,Ram  became a thing in the tug off war. he  experienced pull on both sides alternatively he could hear one word with every pull

" first" "no am first"

Ram managed to calm them down and tried to find out what the matter! It was a silly matter made him smile initially but  but actually was a serious matter ' whom will Ram feed first?. Ram took them to break fast table made them sit , both stood up ran to room Ram rushed behind. Ram asked whats the matter! They did not utter a word. Ram thought of asking priya and called her. She smile looking his call after all its not been half an hour she left the  house. He received a text soon the line went dead. he was angry on priya for not lifting the call.

"there is a envelop on the kitchen table which may help u today. Car keys are on key holder, chota hai, match box tarah but  u will need it to drop both with dayijan. HAVE A NICE DAY"

The letter had some hints to handle both of them. And at the end a advice to drop them with dayijan rest is upto Ram!.. Ram heard noise in their room  by the time he reach kids are in bathroom filling the tub. In  attempt to take the shampoo, Ram rushed inside  both are scared but flickered a cute smile. Ram pulled them out and started to wipe them dry they started saying aap boy hai we will bath n come u go he was surprised priya mentioned it in the hints [* in such case ans them am not boy am ur papa.they will be quite. they will make lot excuses to bath in tub . both enjoy a lot but will catch cold fast. dont allow them.  If u shout they will cry be little strict other wise they will drench u fully.] with much difficulty he wrapped towel around them  asked them to stay in their room. Both of them stopped Ram at the door  asked not to enter. The reason is they want their room dry, Ram made them  bath in tub on their wish ended up fully wet.

[* selection  of dresses, dont give them  choices if yes they will like to be dressed up like princess.  Select two outfits  ask them to pick one. U will find two of same kind. don't worry they will find their hair bands and clips] by the time Ram change his dress and reached there  they pulled the wardrobe down in which priya kept  party  wear dress for occasions.  Ram acted serious  finally dressed them in cotton floral shorts and tops printed "Dad's angel". That was their fav. Ram made them see cartoon for a while, warned not to disturb him. he cleaned his room and hall dry. Now breakfast time.  He went to kitchen  with papers. it was a long list of preferences. After all they r my kids ! he  praised priya for managing them so well.

He served breakfast to them no one touched it. Peehu likes corn flakes and Riya aloo parantha, as they were twins he expect to be alike. He served himself  with toast. Kids are staring at him they were about to ask him they want papa feed them. "papa whom will u feed first" asked peehu. Both are eager to know his answer.for them whom he feed first is the one whom he loves more. Ram was confused [*hint says , bahut tang karthe hai dono. they will eat by themselves. Riya eat lot, later it will create lot problem in her stomach. She can't tolerate  a little pain even. peehu eat less. Make sure that they eat properly.] but Ram melted by their cuteness he got an idea, " first bite I will feed u but u have to eat on ur own it's a deal with papa"  says Ram, kids approved nodding their heads.  Ram took  a toast from his plate took it near them asked them to have bite on respective side's  Ram took a bite too.  He took a deep breath  as for now the  idea is successful. Ram said loudly  " whom did priya feed first? Did she manage to feed both once?" he dint realise kids heard that.  In his deep thoughts he forget the hint abt their eating habbits.

Later its drawing time Ram asked them to colour the pictures. He cleared the table. [* when they colour  watch them . they are very mischeivious they try to colour the walls. Help them in choosing colours they will fight for single colour. Make them share crayons don't give individual pack. Watch out  they will take lipstick,eye pencils to colour. Strict rule is they have to do it in hall.] Ram thought these too are very well behaved in his presence. He did not realise what they did. They draw patterns in hall and in their room.  Riya came to Ram  saying she has to go to potty in hurry  he made her sit on peehu's potty . peehu see this and starts crying that's her potty. Ram forgot the thing priya said in fact he got confused.. [ * both potty's have same images " Dora" they r fond of that cartoon. Peehu's is  darker shade of pink with white handles riya's is  light pink wala with same colour handle. Riya is not particular but  if u make any mistake  be careful with peehu,take lot time to convince. Recently they stopped wearing diapers in home if u take them out tell them they r going out do wear them diaper.] it took Ram a lot of time to convince  pihu. He promised to buy her new one.

They played all the day, Ram feed them in lunch. As usual riya ate full. Ram felt tired he made them sleep. He too needs some rest for a while. Kids got up early than Ram started playing running around.  They went to kitchen to pull out cake from fridge they  milk  fell down. They spoiled the leather couch and their clothes with chocolate cream from cake.  Ram is sleeping , kids went to  play with dolls so pulled all toys on floor in hall. they played applying make up to dolls they got an idea to make up them self so they went to  priya's dressing table took  her lipstick and applied it on lips and on cheeks so that it looks like blush. They applied powder on for head and chin. Later they saw Ram  neared  him and ask  a polite permission

"papa can we play here"

He agreed, both made his make up similar to theirs. But they waned to  show him which part is perfect so they took priyas eye pencil and embossed the initial letter of their names [p & r ] they r  not happy with his make up they brought no of clips and  kept in his hairs. They  poured lot of powder on his hairs too. Soon knocking fell on the door he rushed to open. he rubbed his eyes n opened the door. People on other side perplexed.  It was rajath dayijan who wants to meet Ram! priya reached there  was shocked to see the alien, it seems like her husband,  every one controlled their laughter. Soon both kids came with water and poured it on his feet. As the water is chilled he shouted aloud .kids saw their mom and were shocked. Seeing Ram and kids look alike every one burst to laughing. Priya controlled herself but seeing his face she burst to laugh.

Ram felt peace in her laugh though she is laughing at him.Ram questioned wat made them laugh. Priya hold his hand took him to a mirror. He felt embarrassed went aside thinking how naughty r their kids. priya took a wet tissue and started wiping his clown attire Ram stood close to her inhaling her aroma. Priya forgot her anger on Ram and started talking normal that she warned him, Ram replied- if u do this every time I would love to be their toy. She realized what has she done and asked kids to take off the clips from his hair. Ram winced in pain as they started pulling his hair. She then went to kids and cleaned them  neat. She then went to kitchen and found milk on the floor she looked around the was a big mess. Kids slowly went inside their room silently drawing as they got what mummy is upto. Ram is foolishly grinning  in hall with dayijaan n rajath. Priya's Hitler avatar is back.

Lady on rage entered to kids room. Asked them who spilled milk in kitchen, about the wall drawings, papers all over the hall, spoiled cosmetics, and messy bath tub, she opened their closet, pile of clothes came on her! She shouted at them. Both ran to Ram. seeing this  she did not utter a word went to clean the messy house. He asked her what is the matter  she scolded him badly for not taking good care of them, she has to do lot work now .. after a long speech she kept quite not talking to any one. Ram spoke calmly "am sorry  this is my first day with my kids if am with them since their birth they would have listened to me.i would have handled them better" daayijan helped priya to clean up but priya rejected they left after talking to ram. Ram helped what all he can do. Ram's words pierced like a stab in her  heart. She went to balcony to relax for a while thinking of the old days  when Ram n priya r happy. Smile flowed on her lips'''..


In the office Ram is anxious to know how priya is in his office with what's the name! he is happy she will be with him 24*7. He called PA  'miss jackleen .. do send all new employees to my cabin except the girl who attended late to the meeting send her after I finish meeting these people."  Ram want to talk to priya privately. He assigned all the new people a project.  Priya came to his  cabin along with jackleen Ram  asked her to  go as it was late. Jackleen likes Ram and try to catch his concentration every time. She  gave a warm smile and wished him good night. While going  Ram complimented her dress priya felt it uncomfortable.  She was over joys said to Ram to call her Jakie. Jakie's dress is  very short and hugged her skin tight  priya scanned jakie and felt jealous Ram complimented her. Priya  looked serious at ram.
"So priya how come u here?
U know that earlier am here? Now don't lie to me Ram? y r u following me' ? this was intentional right ur arrival and all.."

Lot questions n a small lecture came out.  Ram hold her shoulders tight pinned to wall if u wont stop this u know what I can do to make u quite!. Am ur boss here what ever I do is allowed here now sit quite n answer me ok ! . The company registered her name as Ms.sharma. she was assigned to work with joe and nisha in a project. She asked him y have he given this to her as she is inexperienced. He  just said he believe in ability not experience. Everyone left the company by the time he finished explaining the project to her.  She  asked him to be like a boss not like her old friend. He agreed. He thought this time he will make her ask him to marry her. His target now is his lady love he has one more chance to make priya come out of the bonds.

In car priya raised the topic Jackie. Ram said  she is a very efficient worker and has good dressing sense. Priya asked him  if he likes clothes like that? He unknowingly said yes and admitted if priya wear such dresses don't know if he could control or not! priya started to feel bad when Ram praised jakie she started hating her. She thanked Ram to give a project with joe and nisha as they both are here friends. Ram is exited thinking they may help him ! Next day priya  went to office with joe n nisha. Ram n priya decided they will keep it a secret that they stay in same house. Ram has to join some one in the project priya is working. Ram do not know what happens. somewhere he don't like him to work with priya because this Mr.X is extremely friendly and handsome. Both r jealous still managed to be it a secret.

Ram was very workaholic and he concentrated on his new venture. Days passed, joe was suspicious on priya Ram's closeness. Nisha is happy for priya as she was no more sad like she used to be when she met her. Jackie as usual try to impress Ram with her dressing, work and sometimes try to tempt Ram with her asserts, being golu sweetheart his eyes are on priya always. Ram was disturbed with joe flirting priya as he do not know the truth  that  nisha and joe are getting married soon and for joe it is testing Ram. Jackie started to be friendly with  priya to get close to Ram. priya dint like her talking abt Ram. Jackie want to date Ram, she asked priya's help. How possibly she can permit it. Some times Ram try to flirt priya n come close to her in every way his presence made her feel good and his closeness is comfortable to her and made Jackie n joe more suspicious. In home they were more like close friends. They dine together, they share everything even about joe and Jackie taunt each other, watch movies together or go for a walk sometimes. It was priya's routine to knot his tie he try to be naughty with her  she enjoyed his presence. They were not married but yet so happy enjoying each others company.

Priya heard chirpy voices. Ram gave them bath and dressed them neat. He cleaned the rest over mess that happened. priya was tired cleaning her house. she did not utter a word with anyone. She was angry, actually was guilty.  She even agree ram was right if he is there with them he might have  handle them well. She knows ram is excellent. Kids neared her said a cute sorry with a sweet kiss. She melted in the love, ram was near the door witnessing this. she kissed both. they  clinged to her,one sat in lap and one circled her arms around her neck.  They were happy being with their father, she patiently listened to what they said. From their words she experienced ram's love and their day with papa. Priya sweetly instructed kids not to make fun of papa. they can play with papa but not to frustrate him. they agreed.

Ram witnessed the warmth they 3 share. Peehu ran to ram hugged him. riya invited ram to come and sit along with them. Priya said another bean bag was inside he took it and sat opposite to her. Peehu jumped in ram's lap.  Peehu said to priya that her dad promised a new potty to her. Priya understood what might have happened. Ram tried to say that he was confused before he speak she said it happens u might have confused she controlled her laugh imagining his difficulty. Riya asked priya for a new one too. Priya declared no one is going to get new one,priya convinced peehu in 3 min just one hug a kiss is it. Riya said she is having stomach ache. Priya gave medicine to her. Riya hugged her tight. After a while kids asked dinner to be served there it self. Priya went and ram followed her. Ram noticed her pain he knows her catamenial difficulty. He asked kids to make her lie down on bed. being papa's babies they did. He took the  balm n massaged her back she felt his fingers on her, yes his touch still makes her senses awake, she was relieved from pain.

Riya hugged ram from his neck and peehu stood beside priya. Both ram and priya looked at each other but dint speak. She instructed kids to wash their hands and join for dinner. Priya set her top right in low voice said thanks. A weird silence and killing distance is there between them. She got down from bed to arrange dinner he hold her hand ,pulled her close kissed her forehead said sorry to her. She stared into his deep eyes could feel his love,  he made her lie down assured her he will arrange the dinner for them with  his army . she smiled  looking at him and his tiny soldiers. She said, no they wont help him instead spoil .. he stopped her  assuring her "I learnt to tackle them don't worry  get ready for a family dinner". He flashed a victorious smile and disappeared to kitchen. She felt comforted in his words.yeah'. her happiness is with this man whos presence makes her  forget her troubles.

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