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She  got  up  from  the couch and  was heading to  her room . rajath  called her, she  turned back. "priya . I  called cady  to get  riya to  college . today  dayijaan wants u to be home." " but  no  rajath  am not  well i will leave to my apartment  with  riya"   " no more arguments  I said  ki dayijaan want u to be home" " ok  fine ill  come now  can I  leave rajath"  she frowned  at him ,was about to  turn dashed ram and missed her balance and fell in his  arms. The  place where she belongs. She  quickly  gathered herself  " sorry  sir" . this  was the  first  words  he  listened  from her  after 4 years ..   ['SIR.."  did she call me this..  he is thinking. Itne  saal hogayi  par   aap ki gussa katam nahi huyi.  Jaisa ki  aap ka aur  mera  paayar ']

Cady  came with riya . ram winked at her.  It went to  priya's  notice. She  gave  a  damn look to  ram. He  understood the  meaning. He   behaved his  way.  " ah  rajath.. ok  now  ill take a leave.  I  need to  go to the mall  to   buy my kid  something"  it  pricked  priya's  heart.. she  thinks [KID  DOES HE  MOVED ON  REALLY  , HE HAS A KID WITH AYESHA. OR  HE MEAN IS MY  BETI! ] " Haan  to my wife  too"  priya is   red in  anger [ this man  who  cheated her in the name of love.. really moved on  n  her  life or  riya  don't even   matter him . leave him priya. He moved on with  Ayesha.. after al he belong to that male  gender]  " rajath   drop me at  some  mall"  "oh  no yaar I  have to  go  somewhere else . u do one thing   priya   u take him to the mall and  come  home"  " no rajath  I  have to make riya  do her homework and then only I can  come home  so I have to   leave  to my flat now and haan  cady ur coming with me ok"" drop him at  the mall  and  u leave."  Ram  was  excited " great..!"  

When   ram  was abt  to   ask  priya   that he  will drive "sorry  sir .. I prefer to  drive.. I  am scared .. I started a journey with  lots of   dreams but the  person  who  supposed to lead my vehicle  left me in a desert and left  me alone.. so plz" ram  was  about  get in the passenger seat side to her  " sir  .. if u  don't mind ill have my baby  besides me.. cady n u sit  in back seat"  after all her  trying hard to   keep riya and ram  away..  she  turned  back to    talk to him.  Priya shouted  at her. "riya  sit  properly" ''''  " here's  ur mall sir" " would u like to  join priya"  " will never again  want ur  shadow  on  my baby and me".. she  drove  away to  her home.

Ram in the mall  buying   many chocolates , dresses , and  toys  to his   replica.  He  was  about  to  leave to  ladies  section but then he had the call of KK. " ram .. ! kaise ho" " haan , ,maa  am fine n   suno maa  I wil be late I  am  thinking to    extend my business  to  dubai too. " "ram  .. but achanak kyun" " kuch   aise hi hota hai maa," " raam  kya  tum ne Ayesha  aur shipra ko kuch ulta seeda keha diya beta" " maa.. !" "  ab  samjh  mein agaya   beta.. y   priya   felt  me like her mother"  " ram  mein tuse bahut naaraaz hu  .. if I  found priya  ill go with her.." " maa kya  wo  dono  gatiya   insaan ne   aap ko kuch kaha"" nahi .. unka  job hi farmayish  hai  puri karna" " haan maa.. I am doing it as if  donate a beggar. Kha  priya aur kaha yeah log.." tik hai beta   mein rakthi  mu .."Ram  rushed to a  cab . he is  heading to  rajath's  house..
He  opened is  tab  the  screen lock  pic  is a collage of the ladies in his life..  one is  kk and one is priya.. he  stared at the pic .. { y my life  is  this  ruined..}  he  closed his eyes in  hatred and leaned against the  door

 " ram  come here..  u  have to meet  my aunt."   
Ram cannot deny and  can't   run away.  He turned towards  them  with his head hanging  down . priya found her  aunt  recognised  ram . smile   went  brighter on her  lips.. ram  came near them  slowly  looked at the  lady with  fear. Priya is  confused. 
"  aunty  this is  ram . my  friend. Aaap ko batayatha na  I met him in  London" 
"haan beta   now I knew so  finally he is  ram  .. sorry  the  ram  kapoor"
" haan  aunty..  today I just took leave  as  am broken thought  he  can  give me company" 
" hello  the ram  kapoor..  am  priya's  aunty thanku so much   for  taking care of my beti today good u have joined mr.  ram kapoor  today is her birthday" 
" what  .!   y  dint u tell me this  priya"  he  reduced his voice.. 
"I never liked my birthday so I dint"   ram thinks [ so  now it  was confirm ki she  is priya ] .. 
her aunt disturbed  him   mr. ram kapoor   we will be happy if u  join us all the kids are waiting for the  cake.  She cut the cake  hugged aunt took a piece and about to feed  kk 
" ruko !  diabeties.. u  wont  take care  na" ram shouted..  priya gave the cake to ram   her aunty  saw there Is so much  than  friendship  visible in their  eyes..  
"oops  ..! I  forgot  aap ko kaise pata  hai mr. ram kapoor ki I have diabetis"asked   the lady ..
" maa baas karo na..  plz  am sorry I lied to u  in the morning. I don't have meeting in office. I made the whole day free for priya . y  because she asked me this  for the first time"  
"what  '!! MAA"  she  looked questioningly at  kk .  
" haan my first  son.. ram kapoor" 
" I  don't  believe this.. aunty.. u always  mention of ur  son .. that is  ram ! aunty this was the most  memorable  b day"  kk smiled   priya  ram  sigh.. 
" chalo  ab  ghar chalthe hai.. mr. ram kapoore can u  drop me and  my priya to home  .. only if ur  free" 
" maa' plz  am sorry ..  am  free " they all head to km  priya had  lunch in KM .  kk observed  ram , all the time his  eyes  are  on priya.
" no one   can make  a better chai than my  mom, " ram stated
 " oh  really ..jab tumaara biwi  makes it ull praise her too ram  i bet it.." 
" no  mom is the best" 
" btw  ram  its not maa  i made  tea today " they  enjoyed a moment. Kk asked  ram if he likes  priya   " ma  she is so genuine person she  know like  ram as person not a tycoon . I  feel so  sad she is   spaced  often. If I  have a   change to wipe al her   sadness I wil do it maa. " 
" raam  do   u  remember i  asked u to marry the girl  who is my friend in orphanage..thats priya.. am glad u like priya. Am  very happy if she could be my bahu" kk left  the  place .

" what  could it be??"   I like priya so much  its not like I like  to  marry her.   Soon he  closed his her image  came in front I the dress he  bought her.  Priya in her  house  complete all her work and went to the balcony thinking " does  ram  really  love me he lied to his mom..  its  a  great fortune to have aunty as saas and ram and me are poles apart.."  she   went to bed   but  could not come out of ram in her mind.. both  got irritated and will decide  to  stay  from each  other. They  felt the pain of  not meeting each other.he missed her to the hell and she  even missed him  lot..  two days passed she was given the bio data  of a guy  .. she  was  forced by shipra   to meet him. Priya  closed her door and cried her  heart out.  She  do not knw y she is not able to  accept the guy , does she loves ram or  it s was that  her  heart  got   linked up  with  ram . she called him it went on a voice messenger.. she  placed a message .. 
 Priya   dint  even pay any attention to the  persons  words  and  suddenly  ram  came by  and  sat besides priya.. 
" hey  Akshan. U here.." 
"  ram   sir  aap. Yeha.." 
"  I  was just passing by  saw  priya here..  btw  she is  my  priya .. I mean my  friend  priya" 
" sir  I just  came here to  meet  priya sorry sir,  mam" 
" oh its ok   if u  don't mind  can I join u" 
" yeah  sure  ram "  priya  said.  
Ram  joined them  it  was like  a meeting of raya.  He  dropped her   home.   Akshan  decided ki  he is not  for  priya   balki  ram  loves her.  He   dropped her  home.  She  just  walked out .. 
" y  don't u invite me to ur  house" 
" forget it  ram. That  was never my home. Its the  place I  just  live just  for  papa.  Bye ram"  ram  came  out of the car and  opened her  door  like a gentle  man .."  ram don't  do this na" 
"its my   pleasure" 
shipra and  Ayesha  was very excited  expecting  priya will be back on a   hero Honda  bike  with that   middle  class  employee.  Their  jaws dropped  when they  saw a  black  BMW  down the apartment and a charming man  who is utmost  handsome  open her the door. Ayesha spilled the venom as  she  was born jealous  on  priya. Priya  was  damn   dull and thinking for  what to do  going home abt the guy.  Ram trying to  pull out  priya  from her deep thoughts. 
" stop it  ram   pata nahi ab mein maa ko kya kahungi?"
" about..!"  
" about  what u  made my meeting  our  date..  now  I will have  to face lot ram u never  know" 
" oh .. then can I  help .. chalo  I will speak to  sudhir  uncle." 
" leave it  ram .. aap  maa ko nahi jante hai.."  priya  left  him and  marched to her  house.

"oh  aap agayi  madam ..  bf ke saath time  spend karke" 
" Ayesha   mind ur   words"
"aise  kya kaha  meri beti ne?"
" maa  I  went to meet  the  guy u .."  
" haan .. gayi  kisi  aur  kheliye,  aur  ayi kisi aur ke saath"  
" maa  ' plz .." door bell rang  before priya speak up .  

it was ram ..  Ayesha went and opened  the  door and dropped her jaws.   Who  else it  was   the most handsome  and eligible  bachelor of  Mumbai. Priya  was  shocked. The thing she is  hiding  from him  HER tears are in front of him.
" hi priya" 
" hi ram " shipra   stood  furious   questioning  priya 
" ahh..! maa    he is  ram  . ram kapoor, MD of kapoor industries.."   
" oh '. !!!   Ayesha  and   shipra  are  very  much  engrained of his   name.  
" sorry  mein bas  app ki  beti  ki  dosth  hu.
" sirf dosth '.! Ayesha  asked .. priya   came to  knw what  exactly   she ment.. 
" y have u  been  here ram"
" priya '.. it was rude .. be nice to  our  guest.. shipra  shouted on  priya.. 
ram   beta  come  sit" ..  ram  saw a  stream  of   tears in her  eyes. Priya left to kitchen  and  made coffee  for   ram and  Ayesha  trying  maximum to grab ram's  attention  which is  stuck on  priya.  Shipra  observed  Ayesha drooling on  ram. he left after a while.

Ram  left their  house .. priya  back in her  room.  " ram  I   never  wanted  u  to knw  what  is me in my   family . I never wanted so I never  called u home  am  sorry  ram" in  ram's  room.  Ram is thinking " tum nahi janti ho  priya  for a moment  I felt am  loosing u in my life. I felt insecure when u  said u r meeting a guy , I  cant live  without u . I think am in love with u. priya  Sharma I  somewhere feel ur my  future priya ram kapoor." He smiled. " I love u ..  I  cant effort to miss u sweet heart.  Finally  ram  kapoor  fall in love with  a girl,"   in  priya's room .. " ram .. thanx  for  what u have done today. Am not  able to accept anyone. I like u lot. No I  think I love u  but  am  not  for u .. ur  the  ram  kapoor and me a normal  professor. U   should marry  someone who  suits ur  family not me. but u never can  stop  me loving u . ur  my first love I can never accept anyone.. paas nahi  ho, tho kya  hua  u live in my heart. I  cannot  bear this  torture shaadi'  plz  excuse me  ram  I will soon  be  a past  in ur life.  I can never  forget u, never can tell u that "I love u "

to be continued ...........................

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