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priya  stood up  .. stopped  riya  to  go near  ram.  She  wiped her tears.  And  looked at  Ayesha. N  then  at  ram, he is  confused  and  was  not  sure of  why  the hell   riya is  appearing as two.. " rajath  am going, dayijan   bachhe bhi agayi ..  unne  sula deti hu ..  ap ki  surprise  acchi lagi .. my baby is with me   thank you . And  am  sorry  for  everything,  ram ki taraf se bhi   am  sorry hum kal baath karthe hai.." she  hugged dayi jaan , tears  fel on  dayijaan shoulder. " please take care of  ram .. he  is  drunk  am  sure  Ayesha won't  look after him please..  take  care of my  ram"  she  was  rushing towards   the door and  went off when ram seeing her   body disappear from his sight.

 he fell in the couch.. "chali gaye . mera biwi phir se mujhe  chodke  chali gayi.. pata  hai daaijan  even  if u  wont tel anything ill know ,she  asked u to  take care of me na.. I know rajath , dayijaan , cady  rina.. batavo aap sab   what do u  want am The  ram kapoor.  Thank u  kehana hai.  U all gave lots of  love n  happiness to my  priya, n been  her strength.. I will do anything  for this reason. I will   give  everything  unto ur name  call  ur  lawyer  rajath"" ram relax.. ab tum  so jao"   Ayesha   heart  was broken  it  pained   twice more than  rams  slap. Y  was she there when  ram  has no property.  Rajath  took   ram to his room   when  Ayesha was about to come " hey u   stay  away  from me.. rajath my  brother  ask her to  go"  Ayesha left the  place.  Ram  lying on the bed murmuring .. " mera  twins.. priya  ka  koi galti nahi hai. Bardash  nahi karpayi  yeah  sab ''.."

flash back 

The very next morning  priya  opened the door  she found karthik.  She was surprised to see karthik all of a sudden. He straight went to his room saying he is tired and need to sleep. Priya continued her daily work at home, made spl breakfast to karthik. She was about to  leave the  house shipra  called her " I need to  talk to u" " with me maa'  yelo bank card lo  do  what  ever u  want" " I don't need ur bank card.. I  want  to know if u love ram or not" " oh I  thought u called me   normally   I dint  know ur  on a mission..   how wil it   make a difference if I love ram or not , I will never tell him . don't worry maa"  " ok"   "   was the proposal came for Ayesha"  " ur getting late   go now"  priya understood it was her  mother trying to   change her  fate . she  understood   every thing. " maa   ans me  maa was the proposal came  for me?" Ayesha  enquired , her  eyes  were  red and   swollen   because of  crying.  Shipra  pulled Ayesha to balcony " nahi  they  asked for  priya   but I tried to  link u up  with  ram. U like ram right"  stupied people  dint know  karthik  was  in  home. Shudir  overheard the  conversation " shipra'." He  shouted.. " what the hell ur  doing to priya.. n  what is that ur  teaching  Ayesha   have u  lost it" " am  just  securing  ayesha's life.  Nothing else." Sudhir  went  away  from the  place. " this  was  my in ability to   change u".

 ram came to her  college called her out. " look priya  u r  a professor  here I don't  want to   spoil ur  image  better is that u come along  with me."" y  should I   do  have my   vehicle" " I  will smash ur  tiny toy  vehicle  if  u  reject "" ram  y  don't u    leave me.." "  come  sit  wil  talk  on this  topic or otherwise ill  force u   to do  so" she  sat in the car silently . " wont u  ask  where r we going""  if u want to say .."  ram  decided to  taunt her .. " kal  humaari  shadi hogayi  na, one ritual is  left" " what.. when   are v married n  what the .." " haan  hogayi na .. I kissed u and made u mine .. n  now  don't tempt  me  in the car. I still feel those  tender lips on mine"  " raam ''!" " ok ok  we r  going to  hotel  to finish the ritual" she  kept silence.. " I will take this silenc as acceptance .. for our  suhhag raath"" what  rubbish  ram .. stop the car am  going'" "if we  do it   now  ur  mom  will never  say anything  to our marriage.. no one  know  about  our  private marriage na"  " rammm'  ur  disgusting"   soon  vik came  to  them .. " ram  everything is set"" am proud of u my  friend"  neha  came to priya .. " am so happy for u both .. ram  said us everything that u  people.." a  sound  came  "priya'''. !" she  turned back  found  nuts and  karthik . all around the  person  who  was nervous is  priya .. 
her  mind is restless around many  more  questions    .. was ram  serious ? I  do  love  ram  if  I  lost on him  ?  no  I cannot do this ?  if  ram insist  I can't  even  say  no ..   disturbing her thoughts ," di  am so happy  for u  and for , nuts and  neha"  " what  .!"  priya  pulled ram  .. aide " what   is this  ram  u  told  everyone that we r married.. y r  they   sounding  so  odd. What's  happening..  this is not  going to happen, what  kind of a brother  r u  ?  do u plan this all for ur  sister too .. ram  aaap  se ye  umeed nahi thi..   am going    .. leave me ?" " hello  I  even  called  karthik   for ur  support and neha   is  always  on ur  side, u have  lot  more to  pat ur  back  don't get panic.. what will they  think of  us standing this close and talking to each other??"" what ..  hold it on .. what is this ram am not able to  get what  ur  up to ' what did u  say  about  us"  "  what  really happened   between  us to say ..  I forced u in kiss n  was not u.. na .. what is there  nothing is  from  ur  side that  means am after u not u  .." " how can u  say this   I  don't  have any feeling , do u think  am a stone hearted  idiot  who  could not  feel the  first kiss ever in  my  life..  I  dint not   reject u  .. pata hai iska matlab kya ..  leave it   u  can never know   my heart" .. " I  knw u  better ..  its  better we move   from here n  go inside. We r getting  late will discuss  every thing in  detail  later "  

they  all went inside.. priya  was tensed   when  she  entered she saw a  beautiful   table    decorated  in a  corner. " it's just a dinner.. am not  going to  touch without ur will..  Relax. Yes its  true  I   want u  in every aspect but not  against ur will" he  whispered  in  her  ears.. they  reached the table. "So  here it is  for  vik neha. Congrats  guys" ram  announced the  reason of the dinner.. it's the celebration   that  neha conceived '  they   opened the  champagne bottle  served  to all every one  drank but not  neha n  priya. Ram asked to  take a sip  she bluntly said no. she  saw ram   ordered  more drinks. She went to the bar counter along  with him .. " ram  stop drinking  ram"" celebrating  my  friends  happiness" " stop it ram  I don't like  u  drinking like this" " priya .. I will  not  drink too much    u have to do  something  for me"" what  if u  promise me u  do this  every time  u  want to  stop me drinking" "  ok   now  keep the  glass there.. and  tell me" "  kiss me.. priya" " what   ram u have fully lost it.."  he  pulled her  close to him " kiss me am serious'  if u  don't want me to  drink   then kiss me  every time to  control me. tell this   with ur  lips On mine""  leave me  . all r  watching us.." " o I will leave  but  remember u have to  kiss me" " so  then  ur  going to  quit  drinking""yes" ''''..

ram suddenly  got  up  from sleep .. went to  rajath  . " please can  u do me a favour..  please take me to   priya's  house." " its  late  ram  both the  kids might be  sleeping  she is  so disturbed""  I can  cool her down .. she  still loves me.. I need to  say sorry  that I  drank  so much  today  please rajath  take me to her.."  "  ram  let me call priya  .."" no   rajath   just  take me  please. I will handle her"

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