Friday, 10 May 2013


In the car.. " oy rajath  koi mall par  ruko na.. am  going  to meet my   kids  for the first time.. baap hu unka   I have to get them lots of  gifts.."  rajath  annoyed  .. " ram  if  u have a wrist watch   just look  .. its  very late"  " oh   koi tho shop hoga na.. 24 hrs  open" " medical stores  hoga""  medical stores   jaroorath nahi ..  priya   will get angry   if I buy ..those ....kick me out of the house" " good u deserve it" " flowers '. Rajju  chachu bhai 'mujhe  yellow  tulips  chahiye" " who is  rajju chachu..??  u  r  out of this  world man.. dek there is a shop get  down  wil try"  ram and  rajath   got and    searched  all the shop  bought  2 barbies,  2 big teddies,   lots of  chocolates,  hmm got  yellow  tulips   . ram  pleaded the  shop keeper to  give the 3  flowers  from his   vase. He  was kind n  gave..  both  came to  car .. ram  hold all the things   close to  him n   lost in thoughts..

Ram   pulled priya towards  him. They  stood  damn  close  neha , vik , nuts  stood  open mouths at ram's  behaviour  . Karthik  got  angry he  felt  bad  it was his  di. But  all remained still watching them. " come  baby kiss me. I knw u  love me like I do  jump  over  that is restricting u  come on priya" "  u have  totally lost it..  go to hell  y do I  bother  for u  galthi  hogayi mujhse" she  freed from his  grip .. " address tik se pata karo  hum  jaroor jayenge y shall I  go alone!" " kaha .." " to hell ..  I will love to  come  anywhere, everywhere just to  be  only u and me!   understood"  priya  serious n  went to the  table had no place    but  sat  in the  couch   n  ram  sat beside her..

" karthik  I  talked  to  mom  abt u and nuts,  but mera ek sharath hai." ram said
" yehi  hai na  sir  aap meri di se miss behave kar rahehai n  want to marry my  choti sister.. in that   terms I  dnt want to marry  ur nuts" karthik raged
" oh  god  pura  kaandan   paagal hai " ram sighed..  
" raam," priya   gave a angry glare at  ram.. 
" I love  priya  n  cannot  marry any   one  except  her. She  do  know this.."
" wow and that a news  congrats  bhai .. I always  wanted this . n  priya is  my bhabhi .. am so  lucky"  nuts said  
" haan .. karthik  ram  is in love with  priya" vik neha  declared to  karthik . 
" but  subha maa" karthik is confused.
" ur mom  manipulated my proposal to  ayesha I don't  knw her  issues  with  priya. I  want   ur  support  in this"  karthik is utmost happy for ram's request.
" jiju  anything  for  di " priya  gapped  her mouth  in surprise  karthik  calling  jiju '   ram   was  so   exited hearing this  words  from karthik ..  priya  was  so much  embarrassed..  
" karthik  come  will go" priya  said. 
" neha  u have to rest" will  move. al got  up an d went out  ram  intentionally  made  nuts to   go along  with  vik to show  her  her new  fashion hub  construction .he took  initiative to  drop priya n  karthik.

"ram if u don't  mind   karthik  will  drive.." " priya  itna concern  mereliye. Accept kyun nahi karthe u love me.. I know  am drunk  n so ur  not allowing me to  drive right" " ji .. please   don't  think like that  ram.. I  love my life n  not somebody"  ram sat in the back seat.. priya   sat in  front seat.. " hello madam   am   here  come back   .mujhe company chahiye or  else  I  will sing"  " karthik  u  drive  he will  speak so ..  will go to collge first n from there u drop ram  in KM  from there will go home ok" " kya  u  dint forget ur  toy car..  I will see how will u find   it on  earth  my men  will smash  it  before u  reach there. ..come back n sit or else" " di plz  go na am here na" priya  went to  sit with ram .. she sat to a corner. N  ram  moved  close  to  priya. Holding her in his arms.  " ram  this  seat is a big  enough let me sit  freely" "oh that's ur  problem right" he poured  water in the  seat  n  moved close to her . " there its not nice "   " karthik first  we r  going to  ur  house ok ..  karthik  drove as ram said..

They reached sharma house.  Ram went up to Sharma house. Sudhir  opened the door. " sir  I am sorry, bap banne ki kushi celebrarte.. thoda jayada hogaye.." " kya" ayesha's voice  came aloud. " maa .. come here  I told u na di  is  around  ram see she is pregnant too"  ram saw at priya..  wishpered to  karthik  " kaash  yeah sach hota.. tumara di .. leave it  tera iss bacchii  sister  is  bit  over smart tell her to be a kid"  when priya was about to enter.. "  stop there" " maa"" u r not allowed in this  house" " y .. priya is not  allowed ..  tell me..[ drunken state] am I allowed aunty ji"" haan ram tum allowed hai" " oh .. mein  allowed par priya nahi '  itnisi baath hai. Chalo priya hum na humari ghar chalthe hai.."" stop it ram"  " arrey ur not allowed here don't u  remember. Oh  abhi tak  humari shadi nahi hui na. ab karleta hu"  shudir  interrupted " beta  kya yek sach hai  priya maa banne wali hai" ram  laughed out loud.. fell down in the  couch  laughing " mera dost vikram baap bannewala hai .. when did I  said we are becoming parents.."

 "  shipra ji  this is ur  problem .. I love priya .. n she do  like me   I can understand  she is not able to tell .. because of u  .. I will never  marry ur choti beti.. y are u so partial mam. She is a kid y cant u see that . 10 yrs choti hai Ayesha. U r spoiling her life"   ram  sensed nausea.. asked karthik he  want to use wash room karthik help him .. before going to the room ram turned back n said " shipraaa.. jiii am not yet finished will soon continue" he went wash room.  Puked on his suit    Karthik called sudhir and priya.  Priya  asked sudhir to  sleep .. Ayesha came inside   but seeing ram's   condition she went inside "eww"  .. priya n  karthik helped ram  karthik gave him  clothes n helped him to change .karthik wetn to drop ram.

Priya  is in balcony  thinking  what all happened to her life. Shipra  came there. " do  u need anything maa" " nahi '. Haan" "  maa  am not telling ram anything to do like this he was still my friend  I will never let him know my feelings" shipra  left  from there.  sudhir  came to  priya " priya   if I have to tell u anything   ram  se shadi karlo  jao iss ghar se dur jao.. I knw  how much  u  love  ram .." ..  priya  wrote her  dairy  after many days.  There is nothing  but  ram . kk called her.. " aunty ram"" hmm tik hai.. beta yek baath  kahu"" ji"  " ram never  took these much  drinks.. he is  very  upset. He  does love u  lot beta..  I know  my priya  loves my son too. I can understand ur state too .." "take  care of  ram  maa"  MAA kk was surprised to  hear this does this means  priya  accepted ram .  priya  fell in her  bed  and  weeped out  loud.. " ram  I love u  so much .. please don't do this to me ram" weeping  loud   karthik  came there.

Next  day  ram  called her  and  said he wil come to meet her.  Priya  called him to the coffee shop. After a long  silence " priya am  sorry" " its ok   ram" "  uhhh .. my dress.."  priya  smiled " did u " "no  don't  worry" "I  never felt that  disturbed .." "meriliye haina".. " ram  y  do u  love me this much"" don't hide it  priya  u  love me lot" " ram now  stop this .. we  r  fine  earlier  n am happy like  that..  we will be  friends   or  else  don't" " ok  fine  now  sit. U  cant  restrict t my  heart n  u cant   control my  heart, it  always'.  Wait  priya  am  hungry   lets order something" " hmm hope ur back to normal" they  have  ordered ..he then rushed to the opposite  flower shop  bought 3 yellow  tulips to priya.. "to my  old friend   n present  love" "raam" "ok  .. leave'.. haan  priya '  do u  ever think  beyond  limitations   with ur crush  or love imagination kind '" " does that mean   u   always think  me .." " haan  I admit.. I  even  thought if  we r married  we will have  baby  girl n  will name her  peehu' cute na .."

" what.. !" " common  priya   we r   friends  n  its  common  u  do have such kind of  talk with sruthi  too so  just  speak UP"  ram tricked to  knw her mind.. priya   was  involved in this  issue.. " if  we r married ..   laughed   ram its  hard to  handle u.. but haan  kk aunty   is  so sweet"" arrey mein baccho ki baath kar raha hu.""  how many  u want" " meinn tho  I  want   to make  lot of babies 4 no  5  no  6 '" " stop it  ram I will die ,, n u il be another shajahaan" " priya   first  I  want a baby girl.. what do u  say" " ek  nahi  do' mujhe tho  twins  chiye  ek ladka  aur  ek ladki .. am  so happy if  we have two  twin girls I will name  them  riya .. as we r ram and priya . the other  will have to think of it  umm peehu  what kind of name is that ram.."  " wow don't  spoil am exited to have twins.." " and  am  sure  koi bhi  ho  they  will be  exact  replicates of u ..  copies  of  mr . ram  kapoor" ..  priya  was  talking  on'..  ram leaned back  n  seeing n enjoying her joy of  imagination of  being a mother..he can sense how  badly she want to be  his wife it that her heart is speaking not her   mouth ..  she waved her hand in front of his  eyes   ram was back to  reality "   I will be there for my   priya  always  whatever happens" he took her  hand  kissed her.. " I love priya" "  raaamm'."" ok now  will leave .i wil drop u back ok ' they  went  to Sharma house .. ram   said  sorry to  shudir n shipra  for  disturbing them ..

 Priya   who  sat  lost in the  couch    holding a book  came to  reality   with the door  bell .. she  looked at the clock  its  11  45pm ..  don't  know why but she  expected ram  to  be  back. Like earlier she used to wait  from him till 11  or  12 .  she smiled  and looked at her kids .. HOW  GOOD IT WOULD HAVE BEEN IF UR PAPA IS WITH US  FROM THE PAST  FEW YEARS. I  ALWAYS  LOVED THE WAIT  FOR U  TO RETURN ,THIS TIME I NEVER EXPECTED U -WHY HAVE U  COME AGAIN IN OUR LIFE..  She covered her little angels properly placed a kiss on their head n went to  open the door '

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